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Teenage life 2007

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What did you learn at school today? That's what the teachers used to say, But they don't know don't understand do they Why! Do they always give advice? Saying just be nice always think twice When it's been a long time since they had teenage life! Monday I hate Mondays! There the worst day ever! I have got p.e... So I get up out of bed at half past 6 in the morning to make myself look beautiful and then go to school for 6 long boring hours. How depressing. When I get home eventually I get into my jeans and have my tea. ...read more.


I get home and have a shower and then eat and again I am straight out of the door. To sit in a bus stop for another 8 hours. Wednesday Believe it or not I do exactly the same thing on a Wednesday. Thursday And a Thursday. Friday The best day of the school week. I love it. Just six hours to the weekend, until parties, until no school for two days and until complete freedom and fun! There will be about thirty to forty young people aged 13-18 at the bus stop tonight and it will be a right laugh. ...read more.


Look at holly and Jessica. Sunday (The relaxing day) Get up around twelve o'clock again. And because I have been too busy wanting to go out I haven't eaten a lot so I eat loads of food. I get everything that I will need for the week ahead ready. I just laze around the house with my boyfriend watching films and generally being lazy. After he goes home I have a nice long hot bath and then go to bed at around 9. �????- Associated with: Burberry Tracksuits Trackie bottoms tucked in socks Violence Baseball caps ???'?- Associated with Slitting wrists Black clothing Death Skull and cross bones These are the main two groups who have problems with each other. ...read more.

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