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The company that I worked in was a video shop. It was a small business but had hundreds of customers. It specializes in DVD's, Video's and Games. It had around 3000 movies and games in stock

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Action Plan Feb I looked through the placements which I could get and the placements which I still needed a reply from. I sent another letter off to a police station (queens road). I received a letter which told me that I had to me that if I wanted an interview I had to phone up to confirm it the interview was with the police for 1 week I had to wait a month for my interview. Mar I went for my interview at the police station. I dressed formally and I was there on time. I received a letter which unfortunately stated due to a high number of people who applied for a placement only a few got through and I was not one of them. Apr Received a phone call stating that there was a placement at a video shop. I decided to take it as I enjoyed movies and I wanted to know how the film industry worked. This citizen issues I plan to investigate are Health & Safety. I plan to investigate these issues because health & safety is a major part of work life, employees want to know that the environment that there working in, is safe and that it takes all the health and safety precautions that are necessary. I have listed some below: Fire extinguishers. Smoke detectors. Health and safety rules . Fire exits (fire drills/ signs which let you know where the nearest exits are). Appropriate uniform (e.g. if working in a construction site you will need helmets, boots, goggles, reflective clothing etc). Toilets with the right toiletries (e.g. soap and signs which show you how to clean your hands this is very important in hospitals as diseases can spread). Also employees that work in a dangerous environment want to know that if they are injured or sick that they can have sick pay, compensation for an injury, leave due to the injury until they recover and that the company is insured for all it's staff . ...read more.


I got my information from various resources which included; company polices - Fire Instructions questionnaires - Health & Safety own observation Research - Employment polices Employers - Fire drills & First Aid The information I gathered was fairly easy to get but I had to come back in my own time and collect it. I had to wait a week for the employment polices as the manger had to get permission from the boss to give a copy of it to me because of security reasons. I have learned a great deal of knowledge of the everyday work life through work experience. This has made me confident about future jobs, gave me hope and helped me towards choosing a career option. I learned a number of different skills which include customer service, using new software which increased my I.C.T knowledge. As well as that I learned how to display products, deal with customer enquiries. While on my work experience I also have wrote information about my Rights and Responsibilities this was not my citizenship issue but I think that this is also an important part of working life. Rights I had the rights of having a break. I had a right of a lunch break of an hour. I had the right of talking to people and going outside for a break. I had the right of taking a holiday in any emergency or if I was ill. I had right to be treated fairly and equally. I had the right to tell the staff if I was subjected to any kind of abuse. I had the right to talk to any member of staff and those questions while my duty. I had the right to ask assistance if I was using any kind of equipment. Responsibilities I was responsible to come early before my shift started. I was responsible for punctuality I was responsible for talking to people in a polite manner and come as soon as possible after my breaks. ...read more.


toilets? Yes No Other Do you get have a Safety uniform e.g. helmets, reflective clothing? Yes No Other Do you think you need it? Yes No Other Do you have Health & Safety signs? Yes No Other Do you feel safe when working? Yes No Other Thank you! COMPANY POLICIES Emergency Instructions Follow these rules in an emergency: Stop work and leave the building immediately when the fire alarm sounds or when you are instructed to do so! Follow instructions, avoid panic, and cooperate with those responding to the emergency. Proceed to the designated or nearest exit. Turn off computers, equipment, fans, etc., and close desk drawers. Do not delay your exit from the building by looking for belongings or other people. When leaving the building, go to a clear area well away from the building. Do not obstruct fire hydrants or the responding fire/rescue workers and their equipment. Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so by your supervisor or fire/rescue worker. Periodic fire emergency drills may be conducted. Your life and the lives of others will depend on your cooperation. Emergency plan: This company has a responsibility for minimizing the danger to life, property, and job security arising from the effects of fire, riots, civil commotion, and natural and man-made disasters. To accomplish this purpose, an emergency response team has been appointed to respond to emergencies. Their responsibilities include the following: Arrange for evacuation of employees Render first aid Salvage and restore company operations Curriculum Vitae Personal Details: Name: asim hussain Address: 45 Wright rd D.O.B: 5/3/90 Marital Status: Single Telephone number: 012478595 Mobile number: 0814520383 Personal Profile I am an adaptable person, I am confident when I speak to people and I am rarely absent from school. I also am organised in my work and I can work well in a team. Education Primary School: Leigh Junior Infant School 1995-2001 Secondary School: Hodge Hill 2001-05... I am currently doing my GCSE's and the subjects which I aim to get GCSE's in are Drama, Geography, Food Technology and Applied Business. ...read more.

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