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The company that I worked in was a video shop. It was a small business but had hundreds of customers. It specializes in DVD's, Video's and Games. It had around 3000 movies and games in stock

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  • Essay length: 3317 words
  • Submitted: 31/03/2006
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GCSE Work experience reports

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Action Plan


I looked through the placements which I could get and the placements which I still needed a reply from. I sent another letter off to a police station (queens road).

I received a letter which told me that I had to me that if I wanted an interview I had to phone up to confirm it the interview was with the police for 1 week I had to wait a month for my interview.


I went for my interview at the police station. I dressed formally and I was there on time.

I received a letter which unfortunately stated due to a high number of people who applied for a placement only a few got through and I was not one of them.


Received a phone call stating that there was a placement at a video shop.

I decided to take it as I enjoyed movies and I wanted to know how the film industry worked.

This citizen issues I plan to investigate are Health & Safety. I plan to investigate these issues because health & safety is a major part

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