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The Day of Revenge

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Zulfqar Ali 10VJS 27th February, 2001 The Day of Revenge The day I took revenge was the best day of my life. My whole lifestyle changed. I bought a luxurious mansion, seven cars; one for each day of the week and was on holiday three hundred and sixty five days of the year. It was an overpayment for my losses that I had received. It was a dream come I had been working for Nestl� chocolate company for thirty-two years. I invented almost every Nestl� product in the shops. Full effort was put in by me and my colleagues to help Nestl� succeed. We worked at least six days week if not seven. Everything was brilliant, we were getting good salaries, there was always a happy and cheerful atmosphere and most important of all we got respect from our employers. But things didn't stay like this for long when Neslt� was sold to somebody else. The new person who took over treated us like slaves. ...read more.


They just fired us! When I went back to ask for my redundancy money they called security and threw me out like a piece of worthless trash. Most of my other colleagues had also been working there and they didn't receive a penny either. They told us that the new company policy did not give out any redundancy payments. This wasn't fair! We had all made what the company is today and why should they be getting all the benefits? We had all been looking forward to that money for years. I had to take revenge, but didn't know how. I was furious. I felt like a volcano with all the hot boiling lava bubbling inside me. I virtually damaged or destroyed nearly everything in the ground floor of my home. I even broke ruined my favourite possession, my Playstation and all the best games including Driver 2! I knew I had to control my temper and find an easy way to make a tremendous impact on Nestl�. ...read more.


He came in with a very depressed face and told me that the factory might have to shut up within six months and hundreds of jobs would be lost. After a lot of hard negotiating we made a deal. He will get the secret recipes and I would receive one and a half million pounds. Six month's later Cadburys profits had gone up by sixty five percent and were still rising rapidly, while Nestl�'s were decreasing. There were more jobs at Cadburys now, and the people who had to leave Nestl�, swiftly got a place there. They had excellent wages and were respected. I received a letter from Cadburys thanking me for their fortunes and they added in another bonus of free Cadbury's chocolates for the rest of my life. This was like the icing on the cake, because with every bite of the chocolates I was reminded of the sweet taste of revenge. I didn't just get revenge for myself, but for all of my colleagues as well. I found out that if you just stop and think, instead of going insane and acting like a madman you could do something small that would have tremendous effects. ...read more.

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