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The whole prolonged build up to work experience started way back on December 6th 2002. It all started when we given letters to take home 'inviting' or should I say dragging our parents into school for another exciting, interesting parents evening.

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Work Experience English Assignment Watching paint dry comes to mind, or even watching grass grow. Sitting, sitting, sitting. This is not where I want to be. I want to be out, I want to be experiencing, living, running, jumping, eating, womanising, playing, screaming, laughing, anything. The whole prolonged build up to work experience started way back on December 6th 2002. It all started when we given letters to take home 'inviting' or should I say dragging our parents into school for another exciting, interesting parents evening. The cause of this was to brief our parents on all aspects of work experience. That night both my parents in their usual manner had a glass of wine and got ready to go out. They left. I like it when my parents go out for the night it gives me a break from the usual running of the Carrick household. During that night I probably just had a few Beers and watched T.V. This is what usually happens when my parents go out. My parents return around 10 o'clock. Waiting for my dad to start going on about how boring it was and how he wasted a whole night, I was shocked when both my parents turned round to say they found it interesting saying that I should look forward to work experience. Shame they couldn't experience it themselves. After another parents evening on the 9th January 2003 my parents still persisted in telling me how much I would enjoy myself. ...read more.


It never came, in all two weeks not once was I told any safety precautions or fire safety. If the place was to burn I wouldn't know where the Fire Exit was, I'd probably end up waling into one of those walk-in freezers. The head chef, Callum, really did annoy me and get on my nerves. Callum was the kind of young cocky teenage guy who thought he knew everything because his mother (Sandra Howard, Founder of Fable) had given him the title Head Chef. My first experience of catering was how to grate a carrot. Not very challenging to a person who new how to grate carrots but to people who don't it is quite difficult with out any instruction. At about 11 o' clock I felt I had been there for about 4 hours. We adjourned to the Staff Room (A small poky room with two chairs and 7 ashtrays) as were not busy. I thought this would only be like for about ten minutes but about and hour and a half passed before we got a call saying we had an order. Callum asked the voice on the other end of the line what the order was, she mumbled a few words and he hung up. All three of us went back down stairs. I know women think men find a lot of tasks quite difficult but God knows what the waitresses thought when three lads walked down stairs to make three slices of toast! ...read more.


Then I came up with a cunning idea. Portugal! I decided to make up a story that I was going to Portugal for the weekend so I would have to leave work on Friday at 12.00 p.m. and I would also not b able to make Saturday. I approached my supervisor and told her the situation. She smiled and said that it was ok and told me to have a good time. My plan worked. I felt a bit guilty but I think it was understandable as I was treated poorly. Well at the end of the week I was so glad I had finished. On my last day I must admit I decided to rebel a bit but nothing major. I had a laugh. So 12 o'clock came and I left. I was so happy with myself that I had put up with it. I went home and chilled out. I reflected on my week. In the end I decided that I didn't want to be tied down in a job like this that has no real career opportunities. I went back the Tuesday afterwards to get my Work Experience paperwork signed and they offered me a Saturday job. I obliged. After working my first Saturday there. I decided it isn't half as bad as I thought. Then I realised I was getting paid this time. Now the paint has dried and the grass has grown it is time to re-decorate and cut the grass. In other words now I have decided what I'm going to do with life I am going to sort myself out and do it! ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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