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what you learnt from your experience

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For my English coursework I will be writing about my work experience, what I did, what I gained from it and what I have planned for my future? Initially, in my half-term holidays I did one week of work experience in Saint Charles Clifford Dental Hospital in Sheffield University, working as a dental assistant. I had chosen this criterion for deciding my future plans because I have a deep interest in human biology and anatomy. In the work experience I had hoped to gain a deep insight in dentistry and to see whether I would enjoy as a permanent career. On my first day of work experience I was very nervous and was feeling rather sick because I had an interview with Susan Wan, the Head of Department of Dental Education, ...read more.


Susan wished me a good luck and dropped me off at the Medical Records, placing the responsibility of me on Pat Marriott, the Head of Medical Records. Now I had entered a planet of filing, there were numerous shelves of files which continued to another room it seemed to be never ending. I was taught how filling was done by another member staff called Nancy. I had quite tough time with her, I neither liked her nor did she like me because it took me quite a while to understand how the filing was done as there were many procedures to be done before handing them. She had spent one hour explaining to me but that wasn't very successful when I was tested, in result I was given a variety yelling's which nearly made me deaf. ...read more.


Then check each file had a minimum of four ID labels. The ID labels consisted of the six digit code of the patient, first name, surname and address, these were used to stick on x-rays, patient forms etc, rather than writing all the details down which would very time-consuming. If the ID labels were not enough I was told to print them. Then I had to put all the files in order according to the appointment time with a sticker placed on all of them which showed the name of the dentist that they were visiting. After that you put the files in one pile using an elastic band then place the pile in open cupboard which had approximately twenty five shelves for each type of department. That was the whole procedure for one date. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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