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Work experience

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Work Experience (Daisya Nugent) I am going to write an essay about my work experience which I did for two weeks to gain more knowledge, understanding, and to develop my social and key skills, also I did this work experience to get a preview on how the real work life is, so that in the future I can have a clear understanding on what I will experience when I get an occupation. However my placement was at a place called connextions where young people (teenagers) go to get jobs and also learn how to make a suitable C.V to get a job interview. In January 2007 I was told by my form tutor and head of year that it was important for year 10 students to do work experience, however I came from a different country which didn't do work experience in school, so I didn't understand why we had to do it this early. Thus my head of year gave me a clear understanding on why I had to do work experience and why it was important. I was very nervous because of the thought that I was going to be in a different environment from school and also I had to socialize and interact with new people. ...read more.


After all of that I had to start preparing for my work experience at connextions, first I had to do a job interview with my employer. I arranged that interview by calling and making an appointment with my employer. After doing that my interview was set on the 5th of May 2007, at 4:00pm. During my interview which I thought was going to be nerve racking, I was only told the health and safety risks, what I was going to be doing and the dress code the was required in the office, which was smart casual, meaning I could wear anything except from jean, trainers and T- shirts. I was really happy about that. My interview was not as bad as a thought it was going to be. Travel arrangement for getting to my work experience was simple; I only had to take a bus from my house to the train station and then a train from the train station to Barking, connextions was very close to Barking train station therefore I didn't have to walk far when I got out. On the 19th of March 2007 I started my work experience with connextions at 10:00am. ...read more.


tasks on my own, how to carry out information to full and not give up, how to offer and share ideas, how to be adaptable and lastly how to find and save private information on the computer. The problems I had while doing this work experience was learning how to remember and past messages which were given to me for other people on to them, however I solved that problem by writing down the messages on a piece of paper and pasting them on the computer monitor right in front of me. This experience was worthwhile because it showed me the reality of the job which is most important if one is considering it for a career in future time. I think this work experience was very important and effective mainly because of the responsibilities I had to gain and the skills I learnt will surely be useful in my career. The impact of this work experience on myself have been positive because it made me become more aware of my own strengths and weaknesses and it also improved my key skills which are highly valued by employers and which I will need in order to be well prepared for my working and adult life. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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