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Work Experience

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Work Experience 9:30 on a busy Wednesday morning. I was running along the packed high street trying to get to work while thinking up a good enough excuse for me not to get fired. At around about 9:40 I got to the front of the shop and to my immense surprise nobody was there. I knocked on the door and still no reply. Quickly realising there might be somebody in the back room I went round to the back door and knocked on that. STILL no answer. All sorts of thoughts were going round in my head. Had they forgotten about me?, was nobody turning up?, did the shop not open on Wednesday and they had just forgotten to tell me? I waited for another 20 minutes before, to my relief, someone finally turned up. I could tell by the car it was Todd "Hi, what kept you?" I asked as soon as he got out of the car, "Sorry I got caught in traffic" was his hasty reply. ...read more.


were the only instructions I received from Todd. It was only me and him in the shop today until lunchtime. When I started building the first bike it was11:45. I pretty much knew what I was doing, I had a couple of problems, but Todd helped me. By lunchtime (1 o clock) I had built three bikes. "I'm going for lunch" I shouted to Todd; and with that I was off. I rung Adam and arranged to meet him at McDonalds. We got a Burger each then both went back to my shop. I was allowed to eat in the back room so we sat there and discussed what we had been doing so far in the week. Adam told me he was working in a mechanic's and I showed him what I had been doing. He even showed me a few things I didn't know. Shame I couldn't return the favour... The time came for me to get back to work (thanks for telling me Todd). ...read more.


How long was I going to be down here. In the end I shouted for help. "Oi, let me out" I shouted through the floorboards. "I can't see what I'm doing, I mite smash up the bikes..." I knew this would get his attention and a few seconds later he came in and took the bike from me. I made a hasty exit, but then thought to myself "if it is ok for him to lock me down there, it must be fine for me to return the favour, so I did. He started shouting at me and I unlocked the door again after a minute or two. Little did I know he suffered from asthma so it wasn't ok for me to lock him down there! A mistake which almost got me the sack, on my third day! But it was soon forgotten about (to my relief) and we became good friends. That was the one lesson I learnt. Don't lock strangers in cellars, especially when they own the shop you work in! Jak Money 10G1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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