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Work Experience.

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It was a Friday afternoon, in our careers class, when Mrs. Peat entered the classroom to tell us that work experience is approaching. This left me in a daze, I didn't know where to start really, I had no idea of where I could go. I thought hard until I found in my head an ideal part of the work force, I was going to Bombardier aerospace engineering. I had my head set, that's what I've always wanted to do, well actually I wanted to join the RAF engineering corps on aircraft engineering and I thought this is the best work experience I could get, this would really give me an insight to the way aircraft are handled and manufactured especially see the way a production line works and how each section of the aircraft is made and put together. This is what I always wanted to know. My friend, Steven Mc Ferran and I did our work experience together at the same place. We had an eight o'clock start to the morning, at the Interpoint skills center in Belfast this used to be the old Co-op supermarket it had a workshop downstairs, it was a large apprentice workshop where young apprentices came to learn and train for future jobs in the main factories such as bombardier. ...read more.


On the other side the metal was being shaped into wings which would be moved on to the next stage where the parts would be put together and numerous rivets would be put into them over and over. Next, finishing parts are added before it goes to the spray section to be spray painted. That was it really, but we did get a look around the grounds which according to Ian was a good time wasting exercise. On our tour of the grounds we seen a pile of rubble, a stack of bricks, five or six seagulls, a boat, two big cranes, a plane, water and a lot of rocks, it was very interesting. Back to the interpoint skills center for a bite to eat, then back to 'work' for another four hours. That afternoon we actually tried riveting roundhead rivets into pieces of aluminum. After a wile it was getting boring so while Ian was reading the paper we wondered into the b-tech computer room. We just hung out there for a while. After about twenty minutes an apprentice came in and sat down, we realized it was a past pupil from our school which we knew very well so we were able ...read more.


I struggled to work that day, but that day was one of the easiest days that week apart from the Tuesday when we went to the main factory and got away from work for the day. First of all we had to report to Mark, to finish our plaques and create the base for the plaque. This was easy enough and it didn't take up that much time. After the base was created we sat in Marks office room while we made finishing touches to our projects, we added felt to the base and polished it. That day we didn't have lunch because the class ended at twelve on Fridays, I was so happy. We were in the office and a member of staff entered the room, it was big Davy, he handed us some posters and wished us good luck for the future. Twelve o'clock drew nearer, went it finally hit twelve I was so happy just to say our goodbye's and be on our way. Although the week wasn't that exciting I still got an insight into the world of work and engineering, I befitted from it as I learn many new skills such as riveting or countersinking I really have learnt a lot. And that was my week in the big, bad and ugly world of work. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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