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Work Experience.

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English Coursework - Work Experience I didn't choose what my work placement was to be. I turned up at Miss Franklin's office nervously hoping that I would get a good placement. She sat me down and looked through some documents. She pulled a wad out and told me that she had found a convenient work placement. She showed me the letters, and the title was BUPA Hospital, Marketing Department, Bushey. The first thought that sprang into my head was, how tedious. Then I took some time to think about the ups and downs of it. I do live in Bushey and it is not even five minutes drive from my house. Also my business studies coursework is about marketing so I might gain some useful knowledge that would help me with that. Miss Franklin had gone to a great deal of trouble arranging the placement for me so I did not turn it down. I thought the format was that she had organised the placement just for me as my preference had been for experience in office work. I did not realise that I had the option to change what she had offered me. I found out later that three of my friends had been offered this placement before it was offered to me. Miss Franklin gave me a long important-looking form to fill out and told me that I would need to take in my passport and other proof of identification. This worried me at first; then I found out it was just because BUPA is a private hospital and there are certain confidentiality rules that I had to adhere to. Such as, if I were to see someone that I knew in one of the wards, then I would not be able to tell anyone that I had seen them. I spoke to all my friends about where they are going and none of them seemed as nervous as me, which made me feel a bit better. ...read more.


Reading the 'BUPA News' did get a bit more exciting when a very pretty young nurse came and sat next to me. Upon my return to the office Debbie gave me a piece of paper and told me to go and make one thousand two hundred copies of it. Tina came with me to show me how to work the photocopier. Returning to the office with the huge wad of letters in my arms, I was delighted to be given a more forgiving job of looking through the return slips from the GPs about the dinner they were invited to and save them onto the database. After three hours of working, Nikki and I went to lunch. I found the morning quite stressful and felt nervous inside mainly because everyone and everything was new to me. My mothers' friend Nikki came in to get us to go with her but Debbie declined the offer, as she was going to lunch with someone else. Nikki is also my friend Sam's mother so I got on quite well with her. At lunch it was much less tense, we talked about people we knew. In the afternoon I had to help Debbie with something on the BUPA website. I had to create a profile for two doctors that had not yet been registered on the website. I was nervous about the work I had to do because it had to be 100% accurate but was pleased that they had given me this task to complete. I was supposed to leave at 3.00pm with Tina but I forgot my house keys so I had to wait until after 4.00pm when my mother had finished work. I sat around doing nothing for ages. I tried to go on a games website without anyone noticing but it was blocked, and when the page saying 'THIS PAGE HAS BEEN BLOCKED' came up I was rather worried that someone might see that page and think I had been looking at something I shouldn't have. ...read more.


That in itself is rather daunting. Looking back on what I did, there would be a few things that I would do differently if given the chance. On the first day I was instructed to photocopy one thousand two hundred letters. The marketing assistant came with me and showed me how everything worked and told me how to do this job specifically. She said that if I had any problems, go and see her. As soon as she left, there was a problem - I could not load up the paper properly. So naturally I pressed all the buttons, anxious to show her that I did listen and that I could get it right, but then the photocopies started making a funny beeping noise, so I gave in and went to see her about it. She came and showed me how to do it and, not surprisingly, it was something she had shown me how to do. So looking back I would have listened better and made sure I understood instructions. Secondly I had not envisaged how friendly everyone would be until the end of the week and was pleased how well I had got on with them. I wish I had been more open to discussion and friendlier towards the start of the week and this would have made the whole week more enjoyable. Finally, one of the other things that made me rather annoyed with myself was that one day while I was sitting in the office the Human Resources Manager came in to speak to my supervisor. I said, "Hello," and shook her hand and she realised that I was the work experience placement and said, "We might be able to offer you a part-time job, if you're interested?" I just nodded and mumbled "Yes." This, I think made her think that I was not particularly interested, but I am desperate for a part-time job. If I got the chance to repeat this I would have been very friendly towards her and been very enthusiastic when she mentioned the job. Adam Weir-Rhodes 11JF Mr Holloway 1 ...read more.

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