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Work Experience

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Work Experience As I lay there in my bed, thoughts fly through my head. Was that letter a joke? Had one of my friends sent it to me for a laugh or to mess me about? How can it be one of my "friends", I don't have any. Nevertheless, although I thought the letter was a prank, it was signed, sealed, stamped and sent. I will be arriving at Bukhari Solicitors & Co. Ltd on this Monday coming, at 09:00am. I felt scared, and suddenly felt the weather change after thinking of the people who worked at the solicitors, and if they would welcome me positively. I stood there, cold, wet and shivering. I looked up at the water stained, hand carved, oak front door, my stomach gave a back flip, and however, I walked towards the door, turned the shiny brass knob and walked in. As I walked in through the sunlit oak panelling hall way, I suddenly got a big whiff of polish. ...read more.


The whole day wasn't so bad; I was just slaving over all the staff that needed jobs like: Photocopying, faxing, mailing and writing letters via computer, for clients. I was just about to leave the building to go home from a long, tiring day when one of the staff that I had helped out a lot, called me back. Here stood a short man with no neck and wearing thick jam jar glasses. "Well done Adam, today you have had a great day, thank you for all your help and let's hope we can continue like this". I turned and strode away down the street with a smile on my face, thinking "This day wasn't so bad after all. I was a week into my work experience now, the pressure was immense. I had staff shouting jobs at me left, right and centre and I also had to talk to a client which was a particularly frightening experience. I didn't know these clients personally which made it hard for me to react when they were asking me questions about appointments and other members of staff. ...read more.


I also found the jobs that were given out to me, a lot easier to. The two weeks working there was not a waste of time, it was all very beneficial. The day came when it was time for me to part, and say goodbye. I got a warm goodbye from everybody. I shook hands with Mr Bukhari himself and received a thank you card and a box of chocolates. (Which I was very grateful for). After saying all my goodbyes, I left the Solicitors with a smile on my face and feeling very proud! I was just crossing the road, when I saw one of my school friends called Amir. I went over to talk to him for a while, anyway, he said that he had had a great time at his work experience, "Where did you work? "Bukhari Solicitors" he replied. My heart skipped a beat! How could I have been so stupid, there I was worrying about work experience, when Amir had worked at the same place? If only I knew he worked there, it all would have been so much more uncomplicated and tranquil. ...read more.

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