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Work Experience.

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Work Experience My placement was discussed by one of my teachers called Mr Dunn. He had a chat with my employer called Ms Susan Haimes. They had to sort out everything out before I started. I was told that I would have an interview with my employer and her assistant by Mr Dunn. When the day of my interview arrived. I was a bit nervous when I woke up on that day. The reason why I was nervous was because I had never had an interview without any other person being present before. My work placement was The University of Liverpool. It is about one-half miles from my home and two miles from my school. The place is more massive than I thought. My dad and I got ready for the interview and we took the bus because my dad wanted me to know the way from my placement to home and home to the placement. ...read more.


My journey from home to the placement was by public transport and it took me between twenty minutes and thirty minutes to get to the placement. I started nine-thirty[9:30am] in the morning to four-thirty[4:30pm] in the afternoon. On my first day, I did a jobs works because I had to know the members of staff' names and their departments and also who they worked for. They staff were really nice to me from first day to the last day. They helped me a lot and solved some of my problems during my placement. There are nine departments. They are Personnel department, Finance department, Academic Administration department, Research Support department, Teaching Support department, Student Services department, Building facilities and services department, Accommodation department and External Relations and Students Recruitment department at the placement. I worked in the department of Accommodation, Finance department and disability and advice centre in the student services department. ...read more.


Dear Mrs Flanagan, Work Experience - 2003 I thank you for letting me had my work experience at the University of Liverpool. I am happy to inform you that the experience I gained was very educative and interesting. Kindly express my appreciation and gratitude to other members of staff for their support and gifts. Yours sincerely Isaac Okeya.[Master] Student Broadgreen high School." In my placement I learnt that working in different departments was tiring and hard but enjoyable. I respect what they do in their departments, and I learnt about office's life. I don't think that I will work in an office when I am older. I believe work experience is good for everybody who does it and is going to do it because you can learn about working life. It may not be easy. But it can be enjoyable. Sometime it might be fun and teaches us how to care for one another and work together. ENGLISH COUSREWORK 3 Isaac Okeya ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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