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Work experience

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It was the first morning of my work experience and as I sat on the bench outside Thorntons and the nerves started to kick in. As the shutters started to rise, a burst of mixed emotions entered me. I was scared, excited, worried and a host of other feeling wriggled around inside me. I walked in the shop stiff with nerves. As I introduced myself to the assistant manager I kept missing out words as I was speaking because I was so flustered with the experience of it all. As she sorted out something for me to do, I was apprehensive of what was going to happen next. Suddenly a customer walked in and my heart skipped a beat. I was hesitant that they would ask me a question and I wouldn't know the answer. The customer came up to me and asked me where the diabetic chocolate was and all I could do was apologising because I didn't know the answer; I had only been there for five minutes. ...read more.


As I was contemplating how life will be for the next three weeks I realised it was time for me to go back to work. We said out goodbyes and returned to our place of work. The afternoon flew by as I was busy stacking shelves. In next to no time it was time to go home. I got on the bus and thought about how my first day had been. It was fearful because of the mistakes I could have made, exciting because it made me feel like a grown-up and strange because it was a new experience. During the three weeks I learnt how to use a till which will be useful in any shop work I choose to do. I learnt how to wrap presents which is useful because I learnt which colours complement each other. I learnt how to write in icing in chocolate which isn't particularly useful but is a handy skill to have, I also learnt how to do stock takes which is useful because I learned about what goes on behind the scenes in a shop. ...read more.


If I could have changed anything then I would have made sure there were more jobs for me to do because when there weren't any customers it got extremely boring at times. There was sometimes nothing to do but stand in the shop. On my last day, like my first day, I felt mixed emotions. I was happy because I didn't have the long days anymore and I missed seeing my friends everyday but I was sad because I was going to miss the people I worked with and the freedom I had. I would say to any person doing work experience, enjoy it while you can because when it's gone you will miss it. Use the freedom to your advantage, go out to a different place to eat everyday and alternate your routine, this will make days less boring and repetitive. Furthermore, take notes on your first day so you don't have to keep asking the same questions because you forget the answer. ...read more.

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