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Work Experience

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GCSE English Coursework- Work Experience For me, work experience did, as that great literary figure, the man from the "Ronsil Quick Drying Woodstain" adverts, is so fond of saying, exactly what it said on the tin. It was hard, tedious and, at times, strenuous work and was an experience I shall never forget. You would not have thought that working in a shop, however bizarre, could possibly have conjured such strong emotions of distaste and utter bewilderment, however working with an ageing Goth and an "emotionally scarred" hippy proved to be such an experience. The only people I can think of in the same league of weirdness and non-conformity as the shop's employees are its clientele. The weird, the wonderful and the even weirder paid regular visits to "Mainstation," a haven of all things retro and generally foul. Equally confusing as the customers' desire to buy the rubbish peddled by this eccentric pair, was my own dire performance in tasks I had thought to be menial and easy. ...read more.


clothes, Annika announced that she was going to make herself a cup of tea and eat her lunch in the back and that I was in charge of the shop until she returned. Joyfully I abandoned my post at the vintage rail and clambered behind the table on which the till, phone etc. were precariously placed. The first person to come in declined my offer of help and left hurriedly with her bag bulging rather more conspicuously than I had thought it had been upon her entry to the shop. I decided to ignore this, partly because I felt that there was little I could do about it but mainly because I was afraid of accusing her of something I was not entirely sure she had done. The next customer became fairly enthusiastic at my offer of help and I actually made a sale but alas, it was not to be that simple. When she came to the till to pay for her goods she gave me the items I had helped her pick out and ...read more.


The other side of the window became a tropical paradise (a bit of blue material and some sand scattered around) that became home to many figurines wearing grass skirts. I know it does not sound it but the window actually looked alright when finished. I have to say I was actually quite proud of it, as it was the first and, in all likelihood, the last time I have ever or will ever do a window display. When my last day finally arrived I was exhausted. My legs were aching because of the lack of chairs in a shop and I was thrilled at the prospect of the weekend and a comfortable life sitting down at school. Annika and Carol (the gothic one) were nice enough to present me with a pair of jeans. I had done a lot of work for free but it was still nice of them to make the gesture. If work experience taught me anything then it is this, that I never want to work in a shop again as long as I live. CHRIS BELL 10S ...read more.

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