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Work Experience.

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Work Experience It was on the 24th of June 2003 when I first walked through the back doors of Phone City in Kingsbury for my two unforgettable weeks of work experience that I wished would never end, simply because I had so much fun. Finding a work placement was not supposed to be very distressing but it turned into an unending nightmare. My work placement was seemingly sorted out at the commencement of year ten but I was deceived. A week prior to the start of my work experience I found out that my original work placement had, in fact, become void because the firm that I was supposed to work in decided that they were no longer taking on placements and if I desired to work anywhere during the crucial two week period then I was obliged to find myself a new placement and fast. Fortunately, my father has a lot of contacts and he gave me a way out of the predicament that I was in. He helped to assign me to the placement that I would be in for my work experience, Phone City. ...read more.


Not a very big strain so I could handle it. I was also asked to take care of the reverse side of the shop as they had international calling booths there. Again, not a very back breaking duty, however I was not going to complain. It sounded easy but there was more to it, e.g. dealing with customers like below. I soon found out that my customer skills were not quite up to scratch. I did not have the "salesman flare" but that was soon to change for in a couple of days of working in Phone City I was just as good as the other employees. I learnt a rule very early on, "the customer is always right", no matter how senile or absurd their ideas are. One important skill that I learnt and I hope that I have not forgotten to date is the skill of smooth talking. Some may call it an art. If you knew how to do it properly you could persuade a customer to buy anything you wanted. For example, my colleague once sold a mobile phone to a woman who just came into the store to buy a cover for her old mobile phone. ...read more.


It was not that we were mistreating the customers; it was the only way to make an otherwise dull and repetitive job bearable I felt saddened at the end of my work experience, I hoped that it would go on for longer, however I was leaving with a horde of amazing memories. I personally felt that work experience for me was a very serviceable experience as it taught me some vital lessons and gave me a taste of what it is like to live in the "real world". It taught me social skills like being able to work with other people, skills like being able to repair and trade phones and skills like being able to talk to the police if ever faced with a grave situation. I do not think that there are any examples of me taking the initiative although I wish there were. This work experience was absolutely up to my expectations, I learnt valuable skills such as working with others and I had a lot of fun doing so My tip for next year's year ten is to find a work placement quickly and make sure it gets confirmed quickly as well or they could end up working in school as a janitor for two weeks. Not a very pleasing thought. ...read more.

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