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Work experience assignment

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Work experience assignment I think work experience is a good idea, particularly if the placement is in the field of work that you are hoping to go into. I think I chosen a good placement because I am seriously considering joining the R.A.F after school. The reason why I was interested in joining the R.A.F was I have joined the A.T.C and that as influenced me a lot. I completed my work experience at R.A.F Cottesmore near Leicestershire. The preparation that I made with regards to arranging the placement, involved phoning the local R.A.F. careers office who gave me the information I needed in order to follow my enquires up about gaining a position on the work experience programme. I telephoned Sgt barney robins at R.A.F Cottesmore where the work experience is under taken he asked me several questions on the telephone about what subjects I was taking at school, what dates had been given and also the name of the school's work experience co-ordinator. ...read more.


So we went for a walk. It took us about fifteen minutes to get there. A soldier was patrolling the gates it all looked very professional. On Monday morning I was up, washed and dressed all by seven am. I decided to wear my best shoes, shirt and trousers. As I was walking to the base I wandered what it would happen If I got lost on the site because it was huge, however when I got to the main gate there was a large van ready to pick me up and to take me to the section. I was given a safety briefing and had my photo taken for an ID card. For the first two days ever one was just cleaning because there was an inspection by the station commander on the Wednesday. We were all given nicknames. I was 'Scouse 2', Joe was 'Scouse 1'. One boy was called mumbles and another Alvin as he looked like Alvin out of the Chipmunks. ...read more.


I worked on the 'line' where they checked the aircraft before the flight. I also changed a damaged wheel on a harrier. The noise was deafening in this area, and the force of the jet engines was so powerful it nearly blew me off my feet. (Literally). I did not enjoy my last week as much as the second as there were no work experience students with me, which made times boring. On reflection my two weeks working at the R.A.F has made me more determined to join after leaving school. I now need to decide which department to go into. I did my two weeks educational. I feel work experience is a good idea as it gives you a in sight as to what goes on in a working environment. I feel I was very fortunate to be selected top complete my work experience in the R.A.F because only a few people are accepted and there are limited places, I worked with friendly people and I will never forget the experience. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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