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Work Experience at ASDA.

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Work Experience David Goldie 11JK I first heard about work experience nearly a year ago and when we were told about it I was very excited as I thought that it would be a good learning experience, a break from the routine of schoolwork and most of all some fun. Some of my friends in the year above had just done work experience and said that it was good fun and that it was easier than school. On the forms that I gave to my work experience co-ordinator (Mrs Franklin) I indicated that I was interested in outdoor, retail, and office placements. I hadn't thought much about my future career and so started to think when I was told about work experience. I decided that I would be interested in a job in finance or as a stock or commodities broker in the London markets. I would like to stay on at school and do my A-Levels for which I would like to study economics and maybe maths. After this I would like to go to university but I am not sure what subjects I would like to study there. When I chose the placement at Asda I was not sure if I had made the right decision, after all it was Asda and wasn't this were school dropouts ended up working. A few days before I started my work experience I was supposed to make a preliminary visit to my place of work (Asda) ...read more.


the food due to expire quite soon was at the front so that this was what the public who were shopping saw and so bought. I also had to compress the food which meant when there were say 2 boxes half full of bananas then I would have to put all the bananas in one box and then bring out another box of fresh bananas. This task took up a lot of the time for which I was on the shop floor. In the afternoon I worked with another member of the fruit and veg department named Paul and we worked on the vegetables doing the same tasks as for the fruit that I worked on with Tunni. I done this until 4 o'clock when my day finished and as I was leaving thanked my co-workers for having me and went home. I worked hard the first day and felt very tired but I enjoyed it and I got on with all my co-workers. On my second day I once again took the school bus and walked to Asda. When I got there I spoke to Jeanette and she said that I would be working in the bread department. I didn't see a lot of my boss for the day who was called Dave. He seemed like an ok guy but was busy all day in the office so he set me up working with Sam. ...read more.


The only woman there was an Italian woman and she made everyone laugh, as she was slightly mad. After lunch I was shown how to use the bread-slicing machine and also how to use the handheld computers that all of the bosses in every area had. I was told to reduce items that were due to go out of date in the next 2 days and given a handheld computer and a portable printer to print out the reduction stickers. This was a difficult task as the computers were quite complicated and it took me a while to get the hang of using them. At the end of the day I was shattered but had enjoyed myself and learned a lot during my first three days. On the Thursday morning I woke up and felt very ill and so phoned in sick which I was disappointed about as I was working on the home made pizza department. On the Friday I still felt very ill and was again disappointed as I had missed the visit from a schoolteacher and was told that I could work on any department that I had already worked on. I wasn't sure what department I would have chosen but it would probably have been the bakery as I had a great day there and learned a lot. My week of work experience was thoroughly enjoyable and I would like to thank my English teacher Miss Lester, careers advisor Mrs Franklin, Jeanette Martins and everyone else at Asda for a great week. ...read more.

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