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Work Experience at HSBC.

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Work Experience "Jayvik!" "Sir?" "Your work experience placement has arrived" Mr. Sanderson held up the paper and teased with it in the air. My hands were sweatier than they had ever been. He walked towards me as if he was a heavenly guardian angel. I knew that the next two weeks would affect my opinion of the big bad world. What was it going to be? I could think all of the wrong impressions I would get, if hadn't got my first choice. Those wrong impressions came and shocked me. I was going to work in HSBC for a week, and the other week at Rimmer Higson (accountants). I was a bit happy because I wanted to work in a bank or be an account. This would give me some experience about being a chartered accountant. As the weeks passed the day had come, when I had to enter the big, wide world of work. It was also my cousin's 14th birthday on that day. I caught the bus from my street, to the ever-changing bus station. On the way towards work, I met up with some of my friends from my class, who were working in the city centre. ...read more.


I couldn't see anything, but I managed to come out and turn the lights back on. I heard someone coming so I walked back in, but I had my pants down so I had to hurry up and close the door. I managed to get in, and finished what I had intended to do. That was the most thrilling and scariest part of my work experience, and it happened on the first day as well. The day had finally come to an end and I took the bus back home with a return ticket and lay in bed after that catastrophe in the toilets. The next day I was behind the counter. This is where I wanted to work in the future, but more responsibilities as well. They showed me where all of the money was stored, but it had to be carefully handled because it someone could pinch about one hundred pounds. I went for my lunch about half one, and only because I didn't feel hungry when I was just standing there looking bored and tired. The next few days were spent in the further outback of the bank. It was so far back, that it took me about 5 minutes to get there. ...read more.


C V Higson. The test of week went the same as the first day. The same jobs over and over and over again. At lunchtime I went somewhere different for a change. I went to Greggs, KFC and a cake across the road from work. I never had expected that the last two days, were crazy and foolish. The first thing in the morning, I had to go to a very dreary meeting, about some improvements about the work place. It was so boring that I left twenty minutes into the meeting, but it was so far away, it took me ten minutes to get back. The second thing was that the work that I had done yesterday, I had to re-write everything. That work took another 5 hours at least. There was something good to look forward to, it was about getting paid. I got paid ten pounds and I thought I was worth something because I didn't like the work and most of the staff. Those 2 weeks, which had just passed, made me realise that working is a very hard thing to get used (at this time of age). The following weekend I got ill and stayed in bed all day. I think it was because of working eight hours, when I'm used to 6 hours because of being at school. Jayvik Patel 10MC ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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