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Work Experience Coursework

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Work Experience 2008 For my work experience I worked in St. Joseph's Nursery with a lot of different children with different abilities. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience both with my colleagues and the children; I will never forget the experience I had. I organized the work experience placement myself; I always knew I was going to work with children or in a school because it is one of the careers I am looking into. Before I started my work experience I was extremely nervous because I never knew what it was going to be like. I know I would have to be patient with the children, be polite, respectful and use general manners. I hoped I would have enjoyed the experience and I was hoping to get a lot of experience from my work placement for the future. ...read more.


Another person who looked after me was Kim, the nursery helper and special needs teacher. Kim was lovely and fortunately I knew her before because she is my mum's friend so I felt calmer when I knew something there already. The special event that was happening in nursery was a teddy's bear picnic, which to you and me doesn't seem like a big deal but the 3 and 4year olds it is like winning the lottery. The day before I left was the teddy's bear picnic and it was amazing to see all these adorable children carrying huge teddy's into nursery and the smile on their faces, you could tell straight away how excited they were and how much their were looking forward to it. ...read more.


the job you are thinking of doing when your older and the work experiences can decide whether you do it or not. It also shows how other people work and how hard they work. I do think it is at the right time in the year for you because it is at a time where you start thinking what am I going to do or what do I want to do? It will at least give you an idea of where you want to go in you life. In the future I definitely want to have children and spending time with children has just made me clearer but it also has made my decision harder because I would like to study law and become a lawyer or solicitor but now I am thinking of becoming a teacher. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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