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Work Experience Coursework

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Work Experience Coursework When I received confirmation of my placement at Horndean Parish council I only had a week left to make my preparations like interviews, uniforms and insurance. My placement was late in coming because I had to keep on reselecting, eventually I found a half decent job which fitted my criteria very well, it was outside. It involved working with animals, computer work and was near to my home. I was quite chuffed with this because if I hadn't been given it I would be doing something very boring like working with the caretaker at school and not only would I have been bored but my street cred would have gone down the drain as well. As Angela from the careers office set me up with my placement I only had a few brief details, nothing to inform me of the essential requirements like clothing, hours or more importantly lunch breaks. As my information was poor, I was apprehensive about getting kitted out in time. I phoned the office straight away to speak to my employer but he wasn't in till Friday, which was the last day I had left to prepare. ...read more.


This made me lose my appetite but I knew in the long run that I would benefit from a lovely bowl of lumpy porridge. Half an hour later at the bus stop I wasn't benefiting. I felt horrible, the feeling of nerves, a full stomach and tiredness is not very pleasant especially on your first day at work. When I was on the bus I wanted never to get there but I persuaded my self that it would be brilliant despite the rain. When I arrived I was introduced to my colleagues for the two weeks. They all had a friendly tone to their voice so this calmed me down a little. Also they paid quite a lot of attention to me, which was good as it made me feel included. Kev talked me through fire procedure and showed me around the building. It was a very small building but cosy. It has two floors and a basement. The rooms were decorated in cream and blue with wooden flooring. After all the boring stuff was over he took me downstairs and into his office. It was a very cold and dingy room and this set the butterflies in my stomach off again. ...read more.


This was quite a pain and resulted in a few scratches. Also I found working at a fast pace hard because if the job you were set isn't done within the time limit you end up with loads of unfinished work. There were some embarrassing moments in my two weeks like when I had to start up the blowers and strimmers I couldn't pull the cords hard enough to kick off the motors. Looking back on my work experience I feel sad that it will never happen again because I had such fun also I miss the working atmosphere. During my work experience I learnt a lot of practical skills and useful information but I have learnt how to dress and how to talk formally to members of the public. From my two weeks I have found out that I want a job working with the public and a lot of communication within my future work. I think that if I went back to my placement I would just do the same as it worked fine and I had a lot of fun. The information I would give to someone going there is work fast but have fun. ...read more.

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