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Work Experience - Dairy Entries

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Work Experience - Diary Entries Day 1 - The Day Before my work experience Dear Diary, Today is the day I prepare for my exhilarating 1st day of work experience. I am stuck in the middle between two feelings: excitement and anxiety. I am excited because this will be my first time experiencing real work, however at the same time I feel anxious as there are many possibilities of my day going completely wrong. Arriving late will affect your overall impression of yourself on the first day of work and that is possibility that I would hate to become a reality. Looking scruffy and untidy is another thing that I would find irritating. There are many ways that can sabotage my day however I will stay on the positive side and live the experience. I pray everything goes well. Day 2 - The first day of my work experience Today was finally the day I went to my chosen work - place I was very excited but at the same time anxious knowing that there was a possibility that the day could go horribly wrong and I would make a mockery of myself. Many possible events were flowing through my head like electricity flowing through insulating wires. I was dropped off by my father who had that proud look in his eye thinking how his only son is growing up from a kid to a young adult, it was a touching moment. ...read more.


Even though it has only been two days I fully grasp the idea of what it means to be an adult, although it is more challenging I enjoy living life as a grown-up. In Today's session I had limited activities that I could be getting on with so you can imagine how bored I must've been however since I was so enthusiastic about working in this company I asked the work colleagues who was in the building for any work that I could keep myself occupied with. One woman out of the work place gave me the largest amount of work out of anybody in the group. At this I was no longer bored throughout the day. The type of the work she had me completing was work based on excel and spreadsheets, it was quite tedious at first however after a while I learned to enjoy it. In about 2 hours I was finished with my work handed to me by the colleagues; it was 5.00pm on the dot once again so it was time for me to depart. As I left the building, I felt proud and independent like an adult which felt good. As I reached my house I wasn't too tired to engage in conversation with my family however I still went to bed early to get ready for another unpredictable day. ...read more.


I enjoyed my time at the workplace and also have learnt a handful of useful information from the workplace. Because it was my final day I was let out 1 hour early, I was surprised knowing that I was able to leave an hour early. Even though I was let out earlier it did not change the rate of work that I had received. Today I had to build 5 computers plus program a switch. They were all unproblematic tasks, due to the fact I have gained experience in the past 2 weeks, so this helped me to complete these task to the best of my abilities also at a fast pace as well. The time was 4:00pm it was now time for me to depart since it was my last day, all the colleagues at my work place gave there good-byes and praises to me as I walked out the building. Honestly after these past 2 weeks I can say that I have truly grasped the feeling of being an adult because I had no one to help me accomplish most of the things I was set out to do, the only person I could depend on was me, and in my opinion that is was being an adult is about. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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