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Work Experience Diary.

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Work Experience Diary When I first heard about work experience, the first thing that came to my head was the chance of missing two weeks of school. However, I learnt that there was more to it then that. Whilst everybody in my year had got their placements a couple of weeks before the experience had started. I had not received mine yet. Not until the week before work experience I had got my placement. While opening the letter, I felt both anxious and excited but when I found out the place that I was working I was really disappointed. I had discovered that I was working in the busiest shop in Brent. This shop was Primark in Harrow. When I went to Primark for the interview a couple of days before I had to work there. I wore a suit to look professional which could say that I could do any task they wanted me to do. In addition, I saw a schoolmate of mine, who was also working there, which made me a bit relaxed. When I stepped in to my future boss's office he was kind and considerate. His name was Mr Tony Tudor and he was the General Manager of the store. ...read more.


When I got off the jubilee line, I had to go on the Metropolitan line to go to Harrow which mad it even worse because I had to walk past people and all you could heard was the water splashing about in my shoes. I was soaked and I smelt of rubbish. I finally got to my work place and all I see are people staring at me and all I did was run up the escalators and go to the canteen upstairs as soon as possible because I was late enough. When I went in there you could a nasty stench coming from me and I asked someone where the men's was and they showed me. When I saw myself in the mirror I finally noticed why people were staring at, I had a big wet patch on my trousers which looked like I wet my myself. Though I was only worried about the way I looked because I knew that I couldn't go out on the shop floor looking like that. So, thankfully they gave me some clothes from the shop floor to wear while my other clothes were getting washed and dried at the laundrette. ...read more.


I wanted to flick it from his hands but I was wondering that what happens if he knows what im trying to do and shoots me or scares me with the gun. However, all of a sudden I didn't know what I was doing and I went for it. I hit the gun out of his hands and it was spinning on the clean shiny floor it landed right near my manager's legs and he grabbed it with both with both hands and was pointing it to the killer. There was a moment of silence then out of nowhere the trigger of the gun is pulled and the killer is lying there with blood streaming from his arm. Then Tony dropped the gun and started shaking, we all gave him a hand whilst one of us called the police and told them what happened. Everyone had thanked me for hitting the gun to Tony but I would have done what any other person would do in my situation. Nevertheless, I wasn't happy about it because what I was wondering that if the guy moved one second earlier then I would be in trouble. Tony let me have the next day off and for a treat he would take me out for lunch. By Mohamoud Mereh ...read more.

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