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Work Experience Essay

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Work Experience Essay It all began when my tutor informed us that we have to find our work placements for the two weeks of work experience. When we were first told about work experience I thought to my self 'great no school for two weeks.' I was looking forward to looking around places and trying to figure out what and where I wanted to do my work experience. I personally enjoy things associated with Sports and helping people so I wanted to do something along these lines. I started looking around areas of work I could look into, and then phoned up some of these places to see if they did work experience in advance. I found that many of the places I wanted to do work experience at did have vacancies during the June/July time. I was glad when I found this out, as I would be doing something, I enjoyed for two weeks, and not something I was told to do because I had to. I spoke to the head of work experience at various places and they said I would be able to do it there and all I needed to do was get the forms to them so they could fill them in and my placement would be sorted. The first placement I found was at Lords' Cricket Ground and as I love cricket I was well up for doing work experience there. ...read more.


I was relieved to see someone that I knew. As the manager came to the door, I was getting more and more scared. I thought he had forgotten that I was going to be doing working there but when he said 'hello' I realized he didn't. I replied with a 'Hi' by the way, not a 'Good morning'. He told me to come around to the back where he showed me where to hang my jacket and put my belongings. He then introduced me to the other colleagues whom I would be working with. I was feeling a bit less nervous now as my first customer was my friend...she was early so she popped in to say hi and buy an eyeliner and lipstick; girls, what are they like these days! I had experience with a till before as my parents owned a clothes shop a few years ago but I realized that this till was made differently and that it was as easy as I first thought. Flin, one of the colleagues showed me how to check the money in and how to, not to open the till. She also showed me how to find out what change to give to customers if they required change. I saw a customer come in, she was looking around, and at this point, I was at the counter. This meant that if she bought something I would have to serve her, my heart started beeping. ...read more.


When they said that, it was okay for me to go, the manager said, "Thank you for working here and if you are ever looking for a job I would be more than happy to give you one here." Over in the last two weeks, I had learnt many things from doing my work experience at a chemist and the most important I think is that we should not take advantage of life. Everyday I would meet over ten elderly people who came in to collect medicine everyday. Many of them went home with bags full of medicine and I felt so bad knowing that I have a healthy life whereas for these people it must have been like living in hell as they were always taking these different medicines. I spoke too many of the elderly people who visited, they said that they spent more time taking there medicine than living their life as it was always on their mind, and that at a certain times they would have to take their medicine. This made me wonder; maybe the way we live our lives at a young age reflects our future health? It made me more conscious of things I do today in everyday life such as what I eat and daily exercise. Overall work experience was a great and enjoyable experience and I would love to take part in it again as it helps you think about what you want to do in your life and how hard it can be at certain times. 3 Priti Tapariya English Essay Mrs. Lambert 11SW ...read more.

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