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Work Experience Essay

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Work Experience Essay It all started when we were first told about work experience. I thought to my self 'great no school for two weeks.' I was quite excited, as I wanted to look for an interesting place to work. I had always liked cricket so I thought it would be nice working somewhere there is cricket being played. The first place that came to my mind was "Lords"; I really wanted to work at lords, where Middlesex play their home games in cricket. I was really convinced that I would get a place there. I firstly looked for there number from there website. I was going to e-mail them but I was scared, I did not want to a rejection. I then wrote an application letter, which I was meant to send to Lords, but I was a bit too lazy and I somehow lost track of time and did not send my letter off. I then found a placement, which I believed, would be fun as I thought I would be able to visit houses. The placement was a work Experience at Robert Scott Estate Agents. I found the placement as the manager of the business was living upstairs to us as they had rented the flat from us. ...read more.


The first thing I did was to check the cricket score. It was then time for Lunch and after a boring start, I was relieved that I did not die of boredom in the morning. I had been given an hour lunch break. I went home to eat and just chilled out for a bit. The hour had passed very quickly and I then went back to work. It was a much better afternoon then a morning as I had actually been given some work. I was told to put files in price order, there were two files, one a file for houses of flats people wanted to buy and one people wanted to sell. I had not really completed that during that day, so I was told to do the rest the next day. My two boring weeks nearly ended. It was the last day of work. I said to myself, "If I can survive this day, I can survive anything," I had never thought my work experience would be so boring. During the two weeks, I had been chatting to some of my friends. All of my mates said it was great. I did not know what to say to them. ...read more.


I played for a while. It was passed my work time. It was nearly six and my work was supposed to finish at five thirty. I would have gone home by now, but as they never told me to go yet I stayed. I only stayed because I wanted to get some money or a present for working there. The manager finally came. She came and said, you can go now. I was angry, I could not believe how stingy they were. I went home angrily and slammed the door, when I left. When I left, I said "I Hope your business suffers", but I never said it to loud as I wasn't sure If I wanted them to hear me saying it, because after all they would have the right it complaining to the school about me. My tip for the next year's people that are going to do work experience is to hurry up and sort out your work experience, other wise you will have to work somewhere boring, and you will end up having your most boring two weeks of your life. If you do not get your placement sorted, it will be a whole load of rubbish, just like how mine was, but make sure you know if the workers are safe. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bhavesh Tapariya Work Experience Essay Mr Mayers 11KH - 1 - ...read more.

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