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Work Experience Essay

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Work Experience Essay Feelings of fear, anguish, excitement, and shock all rushed through my body like a steam train as I received my work experience reply slip in afternoon registration the previous Monday. I looked through it casting me eyes on every single detail like a hawk hunting its prey, making sure that I didn't miss anything, that would be of great importance to me at a later date. I didn't know what to feel I knew that it would be a big important step that would come with a lot of responsibility, that to be honest was quite welcomed. I went home that night and thought how exactly I would go about preparing for my step into the "real world". I spoke to my parents about the subject that night and they gave me the usual parental lecture I had heard many times before. They told me to act calm, be myself, be polite, and most importantly be respectful. ...read more.


I arrived 15 minutes early to ensure that I wouldn't be late, the doors opened at 8.45 which left me standing there quite along time. Eventually I recognised the face of the lady that would be looking after me for a week. We had already met previously when I went to find out more about the company last week. At this time I was incredibly nervous, and was only able to manage basic conversational skills and that was it. We walked in and I was amazed as the soft aroma of coffee hit me as I stepped through the double doors. It was almost as if they could sense my embarrassment, and fear as I was introduced to the 12 people in the sales department, which is where I would be working for the next week. I was taken to my new desk, which consisted of a computer, a very comfortable chair, a stapler, a hole punch, lots of pens, a post tray and many other little gadgets that caught my eye. ...read more.


The week seemed to move very quickly and before I knew it, it was very nearly the end of the week, in the time I had travelled to Birmingham to meet a business man and had to give him some training on the computer, I also had since re-designed a major report for the manager of the company. The experience for me had been brilliant, with mostly highs throughout the whole week. There are two things that amazed me about my experience. Firstly was the coffee machine, now this was the most technical, good looking machine I have ever seen, it had an incredible selection and the bet things was any drink was only 5p ( wow ). So about 3-4 times a day I would make a trip to the coffee machine for a No.51 (a cappuccino with extra milk) brilliant just brilliant. Secondly I was amazed by the hard working, laid back atmosphere that the company produced and how each and every one of them made my stay very enjoyable. ...read more.

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