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Work Experience Essay When we were first told about work experience I thought to my self 'great no

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Work Experience Essay When we were first told about work experience I thought to my self 'great no school for two weeks.' I was looking forward to looking around places and trying to figure out what and where I wanted to do my work experience. I've always been good at doing things with beauty and nails and therefore I was hoping to find somewhere I could experience more about that. I started looking around in November and found many places where I would like to spend my two weeks of work experience. Most of the places I looked at involved sweeping floors and cleaning floors and sweeping floors and cleaning and more cleaning, this was not how I wanted to spend two weeks of 'no school' so I decided to look at other places like boots and cloth stores. I asked around at many different department stores and many of them said yes and told me to bring in more information and I told them that I would be back in the next two weeks with the forms that needed filling in. Two weeks went by and I forgot to go back and then I just got lazy and couldn't be bothered to go. ...read more.


The chemist was a bit busy. I slowly walked to the counter where I saw the manager. He said 'hello' and I replied in a quite voice 'hi'. He told me to come around to the back were he showed me where to hang my jacket and put my belongings. He then introduced me to the other colleges that I would be working with. The first thing that I was taught was to label the medicine. I had to place labels on the medicine. Although this may sound easy I found out that it wasn't as I managed to put the wrong labels on the wrong medicine. Labeling the medicine took me over 30 minutes. Once I finished the medicine Flin taught me how to use the till. It wasn't busy anymore. I had experience with a till before as my parents owned a cloths shop two years ago but I realized that tills were made differently. Flin showed me how to check the money in and how to open then the till. She also showed me how to find out what change to give to customers if they give more money. I saw a customer come in and she was looking around and at this point I was at the counter this meant that if she bought something I would have to serve her, my heart stared beeping. ...read more.


I realized that although I didn't enjoy it in the beginning of the week I was actually going to miss working there. When they said that it was okay for me to go they gave me a bottle of exclamation, which is a perfume, I thought this was really condisidarate as not many of my friends got anything and the thought was lovely and it was a perfume that I liked that I didn't have. There were many things that I learnt from the experience and the most important I think is that we should not take advantage of life. Everyday I would meet over ten elderly people who came in to collect medicine everyday. Many of them went home with bags full of medicine and I felt so bad knowing that I have a healthy life whereas for these people it must have been hell taking all these different medicines. I spoke to a few of the elderly people and they said that they spent more time taking there medicine than living there life as it was always on their mind that at a certain time they would have to take there medicine and it made me wonder if the things that eat and do are the right things to do if I don't want to end up like some of those people. Priya Tapariya 11P/11HI Work Experience Essay ...read more.

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