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Work Experience Example Coursework

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A Rewarding Experience "****, the hospital says the placements they had available have been taken. I told you to get it sorted, but no, you never listen, the last time you listened was when you were two years old, you always leave everything to me and..." Mum went on ranting in the way that Mother's do when they find faults with their children and gladly pick them apart, chewing over every morsel of fault and spitting it out long enough to complain about it, at a volume which would wake the tone deaf elderly couple 50 miles away. Of course, some of those complaints listed errors I'd made as a young child, but of course the chances of making the same mistakes are so likely. Parents. Miss. Shilcock, Graphics teacher to me, work experience co-ordinator, (who pierces other students with a truly frightening look if they mumble they still haven't found a placement), to everyone else was the one who suggested I apply at St Joseph's Junior School. I was very lucky that the set weeks for work experience were different to the week students in Year 10 at St. Thomas Moore's did their work experience. ...read more.


Philips, the Head Teacher and showed me into the staffroom where I was greeted by a motherly looking woman called Mrs. Moran. She was to help me if I got lost and introduce me to various members of staff. I liked her immediately. Once I was shown around the school, she asked me, just for confirmation," So you want to work with the children, in the classrooms?" "Yes please, it would be fascinating chance to reflect my years in primary school. I'm hoping to work with children when I'm older", I explained, while we walked back to the staffroom. It felt very strange to walk into the staffroom as before working at St. Joseph's, it was always a no-entry area in school and these previous instilments had me hesitating, during break, not knowing whether to enter or not, feeling a slight sense of foreboding. Here I was, with people up to 40 years older than me, acting like an adult. Hesitating merely about walking into a room was not very mature. I wasn't left hesitating for long however, as someone behind me said softly, "Excuse me? You're the work experience student?" I turned around and my jaw dropped, whacking the floor painfully. ...read more.


the year, while the assistant whose job it was to do these tedious jobs, sat back, relaxed as ever and watched me, drinking delicious hot chocolate and suggesting I become her assistant as I got through the paperwork quicker than 'the time it took to get the kids in the class to form a sentence'. I hoped she was joking. My experience at St Joseph's primary school, although not exciting as I took it for granted it might be, taught me a lesson and made me aware of how many worlds apart school life(a safe routine of going from one lesson to another) and work life are. People are relying on you constantly and expect you to do you're job without the kind of nagging it may take to prod reluctant students into turning in their coursework. My train of thought about what career I originally believed I'd eventually want to pursue, had sped off the railway track, in order to take a complex turn into another avenue of potential careers. My eager to help people, in particular young children, may guide me into the medical field. In an odd way, my fascinating work experience had helped me decide what not to do. ?? ?? ?? ?? Work Experience - 1 - ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Work experience reports section.

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