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Work Experience in the BMW plant in Oxford.

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Work Experience K. Lankford Work experience is a program that operates during the winter term of year 11 when students are placed inside of an organisation, shadowing a person in a role that interests them, and possibly that reflects their career path. It is usually organised in the summer term of year 10, but many pupils prefer to leave it until a later date. This often makes it a lot harder to find a placement as several schools also run a work experience week across the same date. I began by brainstorming the sort of places that I would enjoy working at, and I decided that somewhere in the IT field, or quality control, as I have performed these tasks before, and I enjoyed them. I then started to telephone for a placement. Many of the answers that I received were no, and several were yes. I then had to decide to where I would like to go. ...read more.


At first, we had a brief meeting to discuss health and safety. After this, I was introduced to the department I would be working in. The name for this department was TO-15; I first needed to find out exactly what this means, so I spoke to the person who was to assume the role of my boss for the fortnight. His name was Daniel Morris, and had just finished his HNC course. He explained the name of the department, as I will indicate in this diagram T - This means logistics O - Represents Oxford plant 1 - The 15 is the building number 5 - The expectations that I were faced with seemed to be immense; Not only did I have to act in a suitable manner, but I had to find my way around without much guidance! This all was put into perspective when I started work during the day. I had not been asked to do a lot, but just common politeness and co-ordination. ...read more.


The prices were very cheap, and I was also given discount I also couldn't stand the long windy walk across the BMW site, and eventually Dan and I were able to use a mini to cross the site. This was such a relief, as with the tiredness, I would have been wrecked for the next few days! My last day was of mixed feelings, as I felt sadness to leave because of the friends I have made, but also one of joy as I could sleep in for the next two weeks. To finish, I was taken to the apprentice awards, and we won the quiz. I received a box of chocolates, which were shared between our team. This provided a great end to the week. For my entire period at the BMW plant, I mostly felt that I had benefited from the scheme and was a more rounded individual after completion. I had learnt several new skills, including the ever growing importance of customer care. In summary, the work experience BMW provide is comprehensive and I would recommend it to anyone considering engineering or IT, due to the facilities, management and programme of events. ...read more.

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