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Work experience report

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Citizenship There are plenty of reasons for schools sending us to work experience. I believe that work experience gives us pupils a taste of the world of work. This would show and give the pupils a rough idea of how working life is. Also it will help them in the future on what they would be interested to achieve and what they would desire to be. In Kelmscott School they send us to work experience in Year 10. I worked in T.K. Maxx during my work experience. In my work experience I was an Associate. This meant I had to help do things around the building such as tagging, cleaning, tidying up and picking up stocks. The reason why I chose this job was because I wanted to learn new skills. The skills I hoped to acquire were to be punctual every day, work without supervision, work as a team member, and meet targets and deadlines and to use my time well so that the job gets done. Another reason why I chose this job was because of the location. ...read more.


If you get a signal saying the price of the product is wrong, you then will receive a ticket (the correct price) and you will stick it on the product on top of the incorrect price. I also arranged toys in the right order, for example if there is a section on toys for a girl which says Barbie's, you get any product related to that and you put in that section. This was probably the easiest job I had to do. I know this because I found it easy, but it was nice that the manager came to look at it and he said I had done a superb job. I had to put stocks out like shoes as well. This was also straightforward because all you do is put them in the order of sizes. For instances size 7 goes in that area and sizes 4 -5 go here. Finally I performed a task called recovery. What you do is all the clothes which are on the floor you have to pick up and hang it back up. ...read more.


I was an important part of the team because if I didn't do anything then the people in my group would probably suffer by working over time. But this never happened because we always left on the same time and I worked very hard. Work experience changed me by making me be punctual everyday, meeting targets and deadlines, ability to communicate and mix with others and ability to use time well. Overall I believe the experience was a good experience because it showed me how life is when working. It helped me more about what I would like to do after leaving Kelmscott School. I would like to carry on with my education in Sixth Form College. By doing this I would be able to get better jobs which I will prefer and enjoy and be interested in it. I would have chosen something better than working here because I have learnt that working in a retail shop you will need to work very hard and if you haven't finished your job which you were supposed to they would make you do it but in your own time. It's exactly like school but working life is much tougher. By Bilal Ahmed 10E ...read more.

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