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Work Experience to Crook Log Primary School

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On the week starting on the 5th of July, I went on Work Experience to Crook Log Primary School. This school is situated in the centre of Bexleyheath where a lot of people can easily reach. I decided to do my week of Work Experience at Crook Log Primary School because for some time now I have been thinking about following a teaching career. At Crook Log School I worked with Mrs Coxs and a class of children which go by the name of Class 1/2. During the week I worked individually and in small groups with pupils from class 1/2. I helped the children to solve mathematical problems usually concerning money and also with their spelling. I helped them with their spelling by sounding out the letter sounds within the word. I helped Mrs Coxs and a variety of different teachers with marking, filing the children's work, writing up their reports onto a computer and planning lessons. ...read more.


time by asking me to explain questions and asking for help, I had minimum time to rest which I had not been used to. My Work Experience Placement lived up to my expectations, I thought I would enjoy and learn from it which I have. It has enlightened me and made me question whether I would want this type of job for a career. From doing work experience it has helped me to decide on my future career. Work Experience has made me want to become a teacher even more and I can't wait until I have a class of my own. If I was to have another chance to do Work Experience I would definitely go to a Primary School, I would not go back to Crook Log School instead I would go to a private School so I could see how different schools teach. During the week I did not encounter any problems, if I did, I would have confronted Mrs Coxs and she said we would have resolved the problem together so we were both happy. ...read more.


Unfortunately there are no young people opportunities at my placement. To work here you need to have a degree and a qualification in teaching, so I am unable to work here until I myself get qualifications to teach. There are many advantages to this type of work; you are often rewarded as you gain a sense of achievement as you see the difference you have made on the children's education. You feel proud of your self, useful, enthusiastic and very worth while. This job is a very happy job and the only downfall to it is that sometimes it can be tiring, pressurized and hard work. This is because the children are dominant with the teacher's time. I enjoyed working at Crook Log Primary School and would like to go back there when I am older to work as a teacher. I warn you though if any of you are thinking about becoming a teacher it is hard work and not always fun and enjoyable! By Emily Hannick 10.1 ...read more.

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