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Works Experience Report

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At the 3 crowns and sugar loaf there are a total number of 27 members of staff. The staffs have a timetable which alternates over the course of a week; there are some members that only work the night shift, some that work only the day shifts and other members of the company work from 10am - 12pm. One member of the bar staff, John Breen works on the bar, his job involves serving drinks, taking orders, cleaning, wiping tables and keeping the pub clean and up to standard, he has the food hygiene certificate which helps toward his qualifications. The other bar staff, Scott white collected glasses, from the tables. He also waitered the tables, took food from the kitchen to the customers, he put the menus out in the morning, made coffee and tea for the customers and He also ran a bingo game on Tuesdays from 2:30pm - 4pm for the customers. In the kitchen there are 3 chefs and a head chef. One of the chefs is called Simon Hughes, he is a full time chef and his job involves, day to day running of the kitchen, ordering food stocks, making sure the food is up to standards and paper work is finished on time (i.e. - Temp Books). He also cooks and prepares food for the orders. His qualifications are the basic food hygiene certificate. The head chef Helen Burton works 5 times a week and is on the cold food station and grills/ovens. She prepares some of the food for the day ahead, and she cleaned up the kitchen wiping down surfaces and making enough room to make the food. If there were any dirty plates or cups she would put them in the pot wash and put them away so that once people started to order food in then there wasn't any old cutlery getting in the way. ...read more.


Dishes can't be stacked on top of each other as the blades may get jammed. If you are cleaning the cutlery then you need to do it all at once with no other dishes or bowls. The children's menu is colourful and bright to interest the young children. The layout of the menu is appealing to the correct age range. The food is well priced on the children's menu. The pudding's on the children's menu are well sized, also their choose is very child friendly. The inside of the children's menu is coulorful and has pictures of some of the food. The vegtable chance is very useful to the children as it has picture of the vegatables in the right hand cornor. However some of the portion sizes are quite big for a child, I also noticed that there was mainly chips with every meal and not just in the children's menu. As well on the children's menu there is starters and I think that children under the age of 12 don't need starters, because the starters size would fill them up. Finally, as an overall view of the children's menu I think that the food has a good balance of healthy foods, It has a colourful and funky look as an overall menu. The main menu is more sacfistercated for the older customers such as teenagers, adults and OAP's. The front of the menu has a picture of an appetizing picture of a plate of steak and chips. Below this there are 4 smaller boxes which have different offers such as: Golden Greats, Curry club, Sunday roast and homemade specials. On the back of the menu there is puddings menu and this consists of individual puddings, hot and cold, also there are sweet sharers which are large puddings which you can share they also do a selection of hot drinks. Finally on the back they have bigger boxes explaining the offers in more detail. ...read more.


Name: Helen Green Do you enjoy working her? Why? Yes, I do enjoy working her it is fun and the other members of the team are all very friendly. I enjoy working here because the hours are good and I enjoy the adrenaline cooking give me. Is it safe? Yes, as you know all the staff are first aid trained in case of an emergency and we check that the first aid case if full with the correct equipment every week. Is the food that you cook healthy? We try and make it as healthy as we can, however if we are busy then cooking it the healthier way does take longer and means that the customers have to wait, however we would always try and keep to the healthiest possible way of cooking our food. Is the food safe to eat? Yes, all are products that we cook with are very safe and all the chefs are trained to cook the food correctly. The meat is also safe to eat as we check the temperate of food before we give to the customers Do you have any dislikes about the pub? Yes , Only one thought I would like the kitchen to be bigger because as you know we have a lot of members of staff due to the high amount of customers, and it can get very hot in the kitchen and also can get a bit over crowned. Why are the children's meals such big portions? Well we are looking I to the children's menu portion sizes, due to complaints from the customers. We have written to Marston's HQ about changing the menu. Although if it was my decision I would defiantly have smaller portion sizes. Do all the plates of food, stay within the movement guidelines? All the menu's are created by Marston's HQ, and I believe that they keep to the RDA for the customers. ...read more.

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