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'Hannah and her sisters'

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'Hannah and her sisters' By Woody Allen What makes 'Hannah and her sisters' an interesting and moving film? 'Hannah and her Sisters' is an American film set in the 1980's directed by Woody Allen. Woody Allen was influenced by a Russian dramatist called Chekhov who wrote a play called 'Three sisters'. Woody Allen based the film on the play, in which the sisters are close but there is still tension between them at the same time. 'Hannah and her Sisters' is a funny, swift, difficult yet beautiful film. All the characters lives seem to be uncontrollable. One sister is anxiously striving to find a meaningful direction in her life; another is intertwined with her sister's husband; and Hannah herself is left lingering in the middle. Each man and woman in the film is exposed and defenceless while at the same time being envious and secretly bitter of others. Despite their errors and imperfections we are encouraged to sympathise with all of the central characters; without forgetting that mendacious behaviour leads to treacherous outcomes. I think Woody Allen created this film to express people's feelings, as the film does not really contain a theme or a storyline; it is mainly about exploration of the characters lives. During the film we explore feelings of jealousy, confusion, rivalry, sadness and loneliness. ...read more.


At the thanksgiving party, that Hannah worked hard to prepare and host she was very busy. Hannah knows her parents appreciated her efforts, because they warmly praised her in the middle of the thanksgiving by saying 'the meal has been all prepared by Hannah.' But then their mother speaks of Hannah's glorious performance as an actress, she says the Norwegian dramatist/writer Ibsen, 'would have been damned proud of our Hannah' (in her performance as Nora in ''The Doll's House.'') Hannah remains unpretentious, and encourages the fact that her sisters helped organise the party as well. Even though Hannah organised the 'family gathering' she was the only one who does not know that her once close-loving family is now falling apart right in front of her forgiving eyes. The sister's relationship is not the only one that develops; Lee and Elliot's relationship progresses right the way through the film. This secret relationship makes Lee feel sought after and significant in his life. Elliot behaves in a calculating manner; he leaves Hannah 'in the dark' as he never shares his deepest feelings with her. Elliot is sometimes brutal and cruel towards her; this leaves Hannah feeling confused and upset. When alone in a hotel room with Lee, Elliot tells Lee that Hannah 'doesn't seem to need him as much,' as Lee does; when saying this Elliot looks selfish, as to the viewer it doesn't seem true, it is a weak excuse for their unlawful relationship. ...read more.


'Hannah and her Sisters' was written thoughtfully exploring and explaining real life through sometimes less-than-loveable characters. But when the end of the film arrives we have managed to sympathise with each of the characters, because we saw their feelings and we heard what was going on in their minds through their voice-overs. We noticed the hard times that they went through and learnt that life really is not that easy to be a 'grown-up'. I think Woody Allen was just trying to make a funny but loving film that expressed different aspects of individual characters lives in reality. Each character and sister had a different personality and all of the characters had settled down and matured by one of the final scenes in the film; this again was a thanksgiving party. But in the beginning of the film the characters were unsettled and unaware of what they were supposed to be doing in life. Except in the thanksgiving scene which was almost the last, the characters had come together in some relationships and drifted apart in others. But taken as a whole this film manages to bring out one of the most important feelings in life, love, whilst exploring feelings of jealousy, confusion, rivalry, hope, sadness and loneliness on the way. Although there was limited hope for the characters to come together in the end, they did, it was in the vulnerability and tenderness of it all that love emerged. English Coursework November 2004 Jessica Clark ...read more.

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