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How are genre and narrative established In the opening few minutes of Two different films?

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How are genre and narrative established In the opening few minutes of Two different films? In this essay I will be examining how genre and narrative are established in the opening few minutes of two different films; "Romeo and Juliet" and "Dirty Dancing." "Romeo and Juliet was directed by Rob Reiner, the film was made in 1996. "Dirty Dancing" was directed by Baz Luhrman, this film was made in 1987. Genre indicates the type of film it is along with narrative implying the story or plot. The first film I will be establishing the genre and narrative of is "Romeo and Juliet." In the first few minutes the audience can see that "Romeo and Juliet" is an action film, this is because there are numerous clips of rebellious behaviours going on and buildings getting burnt down, the audience sees this after the news reporter stops reading the news. I will firstly be looking at the sound and the music that are used and how they change to create tension, I will also be discussing how the music changes when each character is being introduced to the audience. After discussing the music changes I will be discussing the mise en scene; this is a French term which defines what is put into the scene of the theme, I will then be discussing how editing is used in the film, editing id when there is a planned sequencing of cuts that will make a whole scene. ...read more.


The camera zooms in really to Tybalt's feet and the audience do not get the chance to see his face until later. This makes the audience want to see who the person is and so they are more drawn into the film. Later when Tybalt is talking to the Montague's the viewer can see his face expressions; his face expressions show that he hates the Montague's and that he means every word he is saying in addition it portrays his anger and hatred he has towards them. In the background the audience can see that the petrol station is painted in both warm and cold colours. This might give out hints that both Montague's and Capulet's might have things in common (the warm colours represent the Montague's and the cold colours represents the Capulet's). The Petrol station is a typical place, this adds to the modernising of the film. The final film that I am going to be talking about is "Dirty Dancing". For "Dirty Dancing" I will be talking about the mise en scene, the camera angels and the sound, and how each of the following are established. The Genre of "Dirty Dancing" is romance. The viewer can see that the film is to do with love; this is because of the 60's love music that is played in the beginning. There are also clips of couples dirty dancing in the background in black and white; this gains a huge amount of attention from the audience. ...read more.


In "Romeo and Juliet" the genre was established through the mise en scene very well, this is because there were buildings getting burnt down and posters that showed that there were two groups of people, this showed that the film was an action film. The narrative of "Romeo and Juliet" was established very well as well, the audience could tell that the film was about a feud between to families, the reason for this is because of the face expressions used by the characters and the two different types of music used showed that there were two different types of people. In "Dirty Dancing" the genre was established by the quotes very well, when Baby said the quote "I thought I'd never meet a guy as great as my dad!" This clearly showed that this film was a romantic type of film. The narrative of "Dirty Dancing" was a bit hard to understand as it didn't give too many clues to what the Narrative could be; this might have made the film a bit boring because it is a bit hard to understand the narrative. The Narrative of the film could be that bay is trying to find who she is and the changes she goes through. Overall I preferred the film "Romeo and Juliet" this is because it is suitable for both male and female because it has a bit of action in the beginning and then it is also a romantic type of film and it is much easier to understand. ?? ?? ?? ?? -1- ...read more.

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