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In the article Suffering in the Indian Consciousness written by Chitta Goswami, the author discusses the Indian perspective on death and suffering.

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Bryan Auer TA - Morales Section - M 7:10 Essay # 3 In the article "Suffering in the Indian Consciousness" written by Chitta Goswami, the author discusses the Indian perspective on death and suffering. By focusing on the religions of Hinduism, Buddhism and other smaller religions, the author reflects on suffering and how it is addressed. Both the author and I would argue that suffering is seen very differently in Buddhism and Hinduism. The focus of this essay will explore the different perspectives that these two religions take regarding suffering and death. In the religion of Buddhism, all of the teachings revolve around the four noble truths. Goswami points out that "the first of the four noble truths...is that life is suffering.1" This would suggest that Buddhism revolves around the idea of suffering, and that religion serves as a way of recognizing this. ...read more.


This allows the followers to achieve this discipline and therefore release themselves from suffering. In regarding the religion of Hinduism, Goswami contends that the suffering and death felt in the world is due to problems of the material world. He would contend that suffering is simply a necessary struggle of life that one must overcome. Hinduism uses stages of life to explain the maturity of the soul and body, and suffering seems to be another stage in the game of life. Hinduism relies heavily on the idea of reincarnation, and the idea that one will be reborn into another body after one's own death. So in a way, there is not really any death involved in Hinduism, rather, just a short period of changing bodies. ...read more.


It also explains how to maintain discipline and avoid pain and suffering. When it comes to the Hindu perspective on death and suffering, I also believe that it answers the problems well. The idea of reincarnation and the continuation of the soul must be soothing to those that follow the religion of Hinduism. It seems almost like Hindus can conquer the idea of death that has plagued all of mankind. With the prospect of reincarnation looming, the death of one's physical body seems less pertinent. There is a promise of new life and a journey for one's soul. Overall, both religions have an excellent way of dealing with the gigantic issues of death and suffering. They both offer unique perspectives on what death and suffering means, and how to deal with it. This is an issue because bad things happen to seemingly good people all the time. Hinduism and Buddhism offer great alternatives to feeling despair and helplessness. ...read more.

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