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Memorable events in Malaysian History and Culture.

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CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION.............................................pg 2 2. 1949 THOMAS CUP..........................................pg 4 3. INDEPENDENCE DAY......................................pg 9 4. MAY 13 INCIDENT, 1969...................................pg 12 5. COMPLETION OF PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS......pg 17 6. FIRST MALAYSIAN IN SPACE...........................pg 20 7. CONCLUSION................................................pg 25 8. APPENDIX.....................................................pg 26 9. REFERENCES.................................................pg 29 Introduction As a citizen of a country, we should understand and know the history of the country. This is because through history, a person will come to know himself, his society, nationality and country. History can also be a useful guide to help indentify events that we must treasure, emulate or reject. By understanding history, we learn to inculcate values such as loyalty towards the nation, honesty, courage and at the same time build up the spirit of nationalism and patriotic. Without a knowledge of the country's history we may not have the source or base to understand the country's position, in terms of its demographics, economy, politics, culture and social composition. Therefore, we are touching on the topic of memorable events to preserve the history of the country. Our country has many memorable events which are unforgettable and meaningful to the nation. There are many people who brought fame for the country which we should ignore or forget their achievements and victories from them. One of the great contributors is the late Tunku Abdul Rahman, our first Prime Minister who forth for Independence for the country on 31st August 1957. He was also known as 'Bapa Kemerdekaan' as he brought a big relief for the nation saving all from the enemies. October 10th , 2007 Dr Sheikh Muszaphar flew under an agreement with Russia, the astronaut program to space, and returned to earth on Oct 21st , 2007, bringing along another big fame and recognition to our country. The whole country was proud of the tremendous achievement. The 1949 Thomas Cup was the inaugural tournament of Thomas Cup, the most important men's badminton team competition in the world. ...read more.


The run-up to the election was also marred by two deaths: that of an UMNO election agent, who was killed by a group of armed Chinese youths in Penang and that of a member of the Labour Party of Malaya (LPM), who was killed in Kepong, Selangor. The UMNO worker was buried without publicity, but the LPM casualty was honoured at a parade on May 9 when some 3000 LPM members caused scenes as they marched from Kuala Lumpur to Kepong. The participants sang Communist songs, waved red flags, and called upon the people to boycott the general election. Despite tensions among the Malay and Chinese population, the general election was held on 10 May 1969. Election results showed that the Alliance had failed to acquire a majority 2 / 3 at parliament, eventhough still able to form the federal government. The Opposition had tied with the Alliance for control of the Selangor state legislature, a large setback in the polls for the Alliance. OPPOSITION CELEBRATES VICTORY Opposition parties that have obtained outstanding achievements in the elections celebrated their victory on the night of 11th and 12th May, 1969. The procession took place on May 12, 1969. Thousands of Chinese marched through Kuala Lumpur, parading through predominantly Malay areas, throwing insults which led to the incident. The procession went through unauthorized route and caused traffic congestion around Kuala Lumpur and then later made a turn into the Jalan Hale and Jalan Campbell, roads on the edge of an leading into Kampong Bahru. Meanwhile Kampung Baru, with Malay population of more than 30,000 people and is an UMNO stronghold, feels threatened by the victory of the opposition. It is said some demonstrators chanted slogans about the "sinking" of the Alliance boat - the coalition's logo. On Tuesday, May 13th, Gerakan Party's Yeoh Tech Chye, the President of the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (who won big in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur) ...read more.


We are intrigued by the many possibilities that comes with space travel and technology. There are many things we still do not understand about outer space, we believe that there are new discoveries out there that may revolutionize the way we are living. Conclusion Memorable events should be in our memories and must be taught to the younger generation. Without a knowledge of the country's history we may not have the source or base to understand the country's position, in terms of its demographics, economy, politics, culture and social composition. That is why we should study history to remember the sacrifice that the people had made. We should not forget the people who brought fame and recognition to our country. We should also not forget to do our parts as citizens in a multiracial country so unfortunate events such as May 13th do not repeat itself. Instead, we should be reminded of our past achievements to serve as encouragement and focus our efforts onto making our country proud. Memorable events such as the mentioned are very important as they help us improve our country as well as ourselves. So as a conclusion, we should not forget the past, instead we should cherish it, as it has taught us many valuable lessons in life. It is also our responsibility to pass down these knowledge to future generation so they too can benefit from them. As quoted by George Santayana, " Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it". Appendix Thomas Cup 1949 The 1949 Thomas Cup winning squad : Chan Kon Leong, Yeoh Teck Chye, Teoh Seng Khoon, Ooi Teik Hock, Lim Chuan Geok, Wong Peng Soon, Law Teik Hock, Lim Kee Fong and Ong Poh Lim. Teoh Seng Khoon The Thomas Cup Independence Day Anouncement of Independence date at Padang Merdeka, Bandar Hilir Melaka by Tunku Abdul Rahman 'Rombongan Merdeka' The London Agreement May 13th Incident, 1969 The Riot Funeral Procession Completion of Petronas Twin Towers Figure 1-Petronas Twin Towers Figure 2- Philharmonic Hall Figure 3- Skybridge Figure 4- Suria KLCC Park First Malaysian In Space Dr. ...read more.

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