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Tradition or outdated habit

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Tradition or outdated habit Is uniform a good tradition or an outdated habit? Does school allows us to explore the ideas, do they let there students to wear what they like, or impose a uniform? Some students are complaining about the school uniform, they are saying that the school uniforms are not comfortable, they should be able to express themselves not wanted to be look alike, we don't all want to grow up like sheep just following the leader and student wants the uniform should be banned from the school. "The teacher always said wearing uniform is a good thing because it makes you look smarter, it represents the school" but sometime the students are not always wearing as what the school want us to, sometime students have they shirts hanging out or maybe not having they ties ...read more.


If one avoids buying name brand clothing, clothes can be relatively affordable, they don't need to have to buy designer labels, no needs to pay lots of money just because of what other thinks; once a bully they will always be a bully no matter what you wear or what you do they will judge you at anytime and anywhere you are. I think that school uniforms don't teach us of making our own choice; they teach them not to try to be individuals and express themselves. I know why the teacher wants students to wear the uniform so that it gives a good reputation and make the school look smarter however in America are allowed to wear their outdated habit so why can't us? ...read more.


We should have a democracy, we should stand for the right of not having to wear the uniform, we should be able to have this right to vote for what the fellows' students want not what the teacher think, and there is no right for them to think what is the best thing should be for us but the student should have the right to know what is best for them. Please let us have the freedom just for the right of the uniform and the student happiness, the reader who is reading this article please take a while to think about the concept I had made out to you so I hope that who's reading this would be faithful to this article. I hope very much that you would understand the concept I'm pointing out to you, Please and thank you. By Eve Khothisen ...read more.

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