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What is the name and cultural association of the food dish you tried? I tried Korean traditional food called Kimchi, which is one of the top five healthiest foods

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Amelia Christy Lingkam Anthropology 2 Friday/ 1.30-5.00 Leslie Anderson Friday 3rd, 2008 EXTRA CREDIT - FOOD AND CULTURE 1. What is the name and cultural association of the food dish you tried? I tried Korean traditional food called Kimchi, which is one of the top five healthiest foods in the world because it contains essential vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, etc. This food also good for diet because rich of fiber. 2. What are the main ingredients of the dish? The main ingredient of the dish is Korean cabbage, radish, a young radish, leaf mustard, hot pepper, a green onion, garlic and ginger 3. ...read more.


It is like a combination of sour, sweet, and spicy. 4. Food plays a large part in defining our family roles, rules, and traditions: describe one food that figures prominently in your family. I think the food that plays a large part in defining our family is rice and fish. As we know, Indonesian is an island country where seafood is cheaper than meat. When I was in my home country, I used to eat rice and fish everyday because we think that rice is very important for our body and fish is good for our brain. ...read more.


I knew it because when I came back here from my vacation in my home country, I brought RW and I asked my friends, who is American and Chinese to taste it. I still remembered their expression at that time when I told them if this food made from dog meat. They seem like surprise and they told me they do not want to eat this food. After I talked with my other friend, I just realize that many American people love dog and they even think dog as their friend. So, when I came up with that food, they think it was weird to eat dog meat. ...read more.

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