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International Baccalaureate: Biology

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  1. River Thame Investigation How does the distribution of mayfly larvae depend upon the rate of flow of the river

    Variables: Independent ? speed of the stream Dependent ? number of mayfly larvae Controlled ? number of times data collected at each site, how the samples are collected ? kick sample and speed probe, transect across the stream at three places, data collected on the same day ? similar weather conditions. Method Materials: Speed probe from field centre, macro invertebrate net, Wellington boots, meter ruler, string, temperature probe The stream was sampled at the place it enters the field centre, where there is a meander and as it leaves the field centre ? just after a weir.

    • Word count: 1271
  2. What are the uses of enzymes to diagnose a disease?

    To diagnose whether a patient has a disease, the doctor will take some blood in order to look for abnormal amounts of specific enzymes in the blood and then measure the plasma levels of the enzyme. Below is an image illustrating this. (Figure 1 taken from ?Clinical Enzymology?) Higher levels intracellular enzymes indicate cell damage as enzymes are meant to be inside the cells. If you find them in the plasma that means the cell walls have been damaged. Although if someone has low levels, it could also simply be because of genetics or due to the fact that it is natural change with age.

    • Word count: 1120

IB Biology is the study of living organisms. The four basic concepts which run through the course are: evolution, equilibrium within systems, universality versus diversity, and structure and function. These concepts give the student a strong foundation upon which other detailed knowledge can be built. You will also be completing a significant amount of practical work and an experimental approach is strongly emphasised.

Assessment is both externally and internally organised. The external examinations are a mixture of multiple-choice, short answer and extended answer tests.The extended answer examinations require you express yourself in a concise and scientific manner and some great examples of these IB Biology essays can be found on Marked by Teachers. Science can bring enormous benefits to societies and you will be encouraged to become a responsible and ethically minded scientist.


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