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Aim To investigate the effect of strenuous physical activities such as badminton and bodybuilding on the heart rate of subject compared to stationary position

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´╗┐BIOLOGY INTERNAL ASSESSMENT ? HUMAN ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY DESIGN Aim To investigate the effect of strenuous physical activities such as badminton and bodybuilding on the heart rate of subject compared to stationary position. Research Question ?What effect does different physical activities such as badminton and bodybuilding have on blood circulation in the heart compared to stationary position?? Hypothesis Activities such as badminton and weightlifting will elevate the heart rate of a human compared to stationary position, and weightlifting will elevate it to higher levels compared to badminton because weightlifting is an anaerobic activity and badminton is an aerobic activity. Background Theory Cardiovascular System & Electrocardiography The heart is a vital organ in the cardiovascular system found in the thorax between the lungs and beneath the breast bone (sternum). It is divided into four chambers, with those on the right side of the heart completely separate from those on the left. The two upper chambers are thin-walled atria. These receive blood into the heart. The two lower chambers are thick-walled ventricles, with the muscular wall of the left ventricle much thicker than that of the right ventricle. The ventricle pumps blood out of the heart. This cycle of contraction and relaxation in order to drive the flow of blood through the body is called the cardiac cycle. ...read more.


Variables Independent 1. The type of exercise (badminton or weightlifting) compared to stationary position 2. The effect of exercises on the heart rate when compared to stationary position will be investigated 3. There is no applicable unit for this variable, but subject will be asked to do the activity constantly for 30 minutes before attaching the electrocardiogram sensor to him 4. The way to control and measure it is by using a stopwatch 5. The different exercises used are badminton and weightlifting. Stationary position will also be recorded. Dependent 1. Heart rate of the subject 2. This variable is to be affected by the independent variable, which is type of exercise 3. It will be measured using the Pasco Data sensor in electrocardiogram Control 1. The intensity of exercise should be closely monitored in order to produce accurate measurements. Although there are no feasible ways to measure intensity of exercise except to attach a heart rate monitor on subject, this variable should be taken into serious consideration. It is not viable to attach a heart rate monitor on subject in this experiment?s case because then it will defy the whole point of the electrocardiogram because we will already know the subject?s average heart rate even before EKG measurements. 2. The person conducting the 3 independent variables must be the same. ...read more.


0.00 60 0.00 Heart Rate Workout Heart Rate, Run #1 Heart Rate, Run #2 Heart Rate, Run #3 Heart Rate, Average Time ( s ) Heart Rate ( Beats/Min ) ± 0.5 Time ( s ) Heart Rate ( Beats/Min ) ± 0.5 Time ( s ) Heart Rate ( Beats/Min ) ± 0.5 Time ( s ) Heart Rate ( Beats/Min ) ± 0.5 5 0.00 5 0.00 5 71.93 5 23.98 10 217.14 10 339.51 10 103.87 10 220.17 15 200.99 15 0.00 15 0.00 15 67.00 20 102.37 20 0.00 20 107.46 20 69.94 25 132.69 25 0.00 25 142.04 25 91.58 30 115.43 30 0.00 30 114.97 30 76.80 35 490.54 35 965.02 35 213.90 35 556.48 40 252.50 40 350.84 40 118.63 40 240.66 45 317.21 45 352.59 45 229.22 45 299.67 50 241.11 50 168.12 50 168.65 50 192.63 55 696.90 55 230.79 55 128.05 55 351.91 60 0.00 60 229.52 60 84.00 60 104.50 Data Processing and Calculations Stationary Run #1 Stationary Run #2 Stationary Run #3 Badminton Run #1 Badminton Run #2 Badminton Run #3 Weightlifting Run #1 Weightlifting Run #2 Weightlifting Run #3 Processed Data Table Activity Trials Heart Beat Average Absolute Uncertainty Percentage Uncertainty Stationary 1 78 78 2 84 3 72 Badminton 1 156 150 2 150 3 144 Weightlifting 1 174 174 2 180 3 168 CONCLUSION AND EVALUATION ...read more.

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