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Assessing Water Quality in a Stream by Chemical Means

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Assessing water quality by chemical means 1. Introduction The aim of this experiment was to investigate water quality by chemical tests with which the momentary characteristics of the water could be assessed very precisely. The temperature, turbidity, flow velocity, ph (measures the alkality or acidity), total hardness, ammonium, nitrate, phosphate and dissolved oxygen content (measures the amount of oxygen in water)of the water were measured. This investigation was carried out at a stream in Bükkös. 2. Materials & Methods a. materials Thermometer ph meter Transparent plastic bottle Test kits Turbidity disc Stop watch Floating object (paper boats) b. method 1. Measuring temperature and pH: The temperature was measured using a thermometer, which was held into the water for 30 seconds. This was done at two different point of the stream and at the same place, the pH was measured at the same points. ...read more.


The speed of the water was tested by three paper boats with a distance of 10 +/- 0.05 m. Observation The speed of water / s ± 0.5 1 66.0 2 92.0 3 78.0 Table 2: The speed of the water 1. The test kits are used as the paper of instructions says. Table 3 – The results of the test kits Test kit Result PO4 0 NO3- 1 NH4+ 0.2 Titration 4 ml Total hardness of water 16 drops 4. Results/Conclusion It could be shown that the was not polluted by acid rain or agricultural chemicals which would have swoed the extent of human interference int he nature. The pH value of the stream was 7, and its temperature was 14.5 °C. ...read more.


These substanced stimulate the growth of water seeds which provide food for fish and keep the stream clean. 1. To calculate the quality of the water, total hardness has to be calculated which is the number of drops multiplied by 0.03. Its unit is nk° or °dH, they are the same. In this investigation, the total hardness of water was 0.48 nk° or 0.48 °dH. This indicates soft water which means that the water quality is good. As a final conclusion for the investigation of assessing water quality by chemical means it can be said that the water quality of the stream Bükkös at Pilisszentlászló is good. This was supported by all chemical evidence. 5. Evaluation The measurements were conducted at only one part of the stream and thus the results are only valid at that area of the stream Bükkös. To improve the experiment the measurements should be taken at several different points of the stream. ...read more.

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