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Calibration curve

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Calibration Curve Aim: In this experiment the basic aim is to make a calibration curve for the concentration of glucose Hypothesis: As the glucose concentration increases the time taken for it to turn colourless will decrease. Variables: Independent- Concentration of Glucose Dependant- Time taken to de-colourize the potassium Constant- Amount of sulphuric Acid and the other material used Apparatus: 1. 1 stop watch 2. 11 test tubes 3. 1 test tube stand 4. 11 rubber stoppers 5. 150ml of glucose solution of 10g/dm3 6. 30ml of 0.01mole potassium permanganate solution 7. 60ml of 1M sulphuric acid 8. 4 plastic syringe of 20ml 9. 4 beakers 10. 10ml distilled water in wash bottle 11. Marker (pen) Method: 1. Obtain the 11 test tube and places them in the test tube stand. 2. Label each test tube from 0 - 10 using the marker. 3. Using the syringe add different quantities of glucose in each test tube. In the test tube labelled '0' add no glucose. ...read more.


8. After adding the potassium permanganate, the solution turns purple. Once all the test tube have been added with potassium permanganate solution, observe each test tube and record the time for each test tube once it de-colourises. 9. Make a table with the results obtained. Fair Test- 1) Distilled water was used instead of tap water this is because it is more pure and has less contamination. 2) A stop watch was used for a more precise and correct method in tracking the time. 3) A syringe was used so that the amore precise amount of solution could be added. 4) Different syringes were used for each solution so the solution is not contaminated. Safe Test- 1) Each beaker was handled carefully so that it didn't fall and break. 2) When shaking the test tube we made sure that it didn't fall and break. 3) When using the syringe we made sure the liquid did not come in contact with any of us. Results- The Time Taken To De-Colourise the Potassium with Different Concentrations Glucose Concentration (moles/dm3) ...read more.


The first error was that the the amount of liquid added into the beaker using the syringe may not have been completly accurate as the reading measure would not have been completly accurate. Also when taking 3ml or 5ml or any other odd number. This would tend to be more inaccurate as the marking were not on the syringe. This kept occurring when adding the solution into the test tube. Another big error was that when the potassium permanganate was added the stopwatch time must be started at that exact same time, and in other occasion the time must be noted when the potassium was added, but it was most unlikely that both of this ever occurred simultaneously as humans tend to make errors. Another errors is that we did not know what the exact moment would be when the solution would turn colourless, at some occasion the solution was close to colourless but not completely colourless. Therefore the point is that it was hard to tell when the solution was completely transparent. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bio Lab 4 - Calibration Curve October 6, 2008 [Type text] Page 1 ...read more.

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