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Food Nutrition Label Report

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The product chosen for examination is Nestle's Smarties Ice-cream: the following table depicts the nutritional facts of the product. Name Serving Size Calories/120mL Carbohydrates/120mL Fats/120mL Protein/120mL Nestle Smarties Ice Cream 400mL of Ice Cream 170, 12% of daily value 23g, 8% of daily value: Fibre: 0g Sugars: 15g 8g, 12% of daily value: Saturated 7g + Trans 0.1g 1g: Vitamin A: 0% D.V Vitamin C: 0% D.V Calcium: 4% Iron: 2% It is often said that ice cream is very unhealthy for the human body. This is true on certain levels but also false on many other levels. ...read more.


If care is not exercised, a heavy consumption of this product can lead to problems in dental hygiene. Ice cream can contain as many calories as a steak dinner which can lead to issues in cholesterol in the future. The fat content is high, which may not only lead to health problems in the future but will also slow the absorption to essential minerals into the bloodstream and will increase the body's tolerance for fat, resulting in a greater build up of the substance. So when considering ice cream, specifically Nestles Smarties ice cream, and one may conclude that the healthiness of the product is not generally high. ...read more.


The high saturated and trans fat levels in the product slows down the absorption of nutrients into the body, which is highly important right after vigorous exercise. The product would be suitable for consumption after exercise if it was a "low-fat" product; this would leave mainly nutrients and thus is sufficient for consumption. Ice cream is fattening and you are more likely to consume more calories eating it then you burned off during exercise, thus contradicting what you had just previously done. So all in all, this product is not one to be consumed during exercise. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adam Kanji Food Nutrition Report Words: 459 ...read more.

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