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How Does Exercises And Tea Affect Heart Rate And Blood Pressure rate as well.

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LAB REPORT Name: Abdelrahman Lofty MOSALAM Presented to : Dr. Sherif HAMDY Class: DP1 Session : May 2012 Experiment purpose: How Does Affect Exercises And Tea Heart Rate And Blood Pressure rate as well. Introduction: The heart is situated in the chest area of the organism. Its function is to pump oxygen carried by the blood throughout the body. This process is better known as respiration and it's done by CO2 which is blow out. The level of CO2 and O2 affect the heart beat rate. There are many factors that may affect the heart rate such as exercise, emotions and feelings, age, gender, diet. During strong exercise the body needs a lot more energy. The energy comes from breathing deeper and faster and. This further oxygen is then used to release more energy, needed to meet the higher level of demand. So this leads to a higher rate of heart beat. The Standard Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure are generally around 70 (BPM) & 120/80 (mmHg), Blood Pressure is separated into two measurement Systolic/Diastolic. The objective of this experiment was to investigate factors which affects the pulse rate and to what extent can these factors affect the heart beat of humans. ...read more.


pressure Diastolic rate is 90 Diastolic Percentage Of Change � 0.1% General form to get the percentage change of the blood pressure, Diastolic rate between a t rest and after drinking tea: *: exp is experiment meas: is measurements 80 = -11.1%% 75 = -16.6% 70 = -22.3% 75 = -16.6% 85 = -5.56% Then now let's put all this data in three different diagrams to see how does they affect on the blood pressure and the pulse rate as well: So I can deduce that ] the tea decreases my pulse rate and decreases my blood pressure, as mentioned in the graphs and as shown in their percentage of change between the initial and the second measurements, which means that tea is a good drink for people who get nervous quickly. After drinking tea to see its effects on the blood pressure and heart rate. At Actually I predicted that there will be an increase in my blood pressure and my pulse rate, but my experiment my expectations was wrong, or the opposite I mean. Tea has decreased my PB and as well as my PR Limitations/Methods Of Improvement: There were various limitations during my experiment; uncertainties were a a little bit high (�5 mmHg and �1 BPM) ...read more.


"But later, the heart becomes stronger due to its continual pumping of blood throughout the body". The number of heart beats per minute also depends on my fitness, which is a limitation.. From this experiment and the results, we can say that my expectations was proven correct. Limitations 'The number of heart beats per minute depends on certain conditions of the body such as exercise and any pressure physical or mental that is applied on a person affects the rate at which the heart beats', which was my situation because I was having a exam period during the experiment process I could have some errors concerning counting the number of heart beats and also could have been an error in the counting of 1 minute on the stopwatch, both of these limitations are under the title high uncertainties rate which I may improve next time by minimizing these rates of errors Finally concerning the two experiments, the one for the drinking of tea and the other of the exercise, I can say that if discovered lots of valuable tricks and info during both the experiment process and the lab report as well... ?? ?? ?? ?? This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ 2 | Page ...read more.

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