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IB ESS Practical DCP - Study of Compost and DiAmmonium Phosphate

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´╗┐Ishaan Khanna Candidate Number: 002603-011 ESS Practical DCP Study of Compost and DAP Research Question: Is there a difference between the amount of water Compost can hold and the amount of water DiAmmonium Phosphate holds? Hypothesis: 1) DAP is holds more water than compost. 2) Compost holds more water than DAP. Materials Required: 6 beakers Microwave oven Soil and DiAmmonium Phosphate Method: First we put 50gm of soil in 6 beakers. Then in 3 of the beakers we add 50 gm of compost and the other 3 beakers we add 50 gm of DiAmmonium Phosphate. We the fill each beaker with 20 ml of water and leave it for 1 day. The next day we measure the weight of the beaker and then we microwave it. ...read more.


Weight of soil+DAP(After Microwave) Difference Soil sample A 187.80 185.58 2.22 Soil Sample B 194.48 193.83 0.65 Soil Sample C 193.80 193.03 0.77 Soil sample D 191.38 190.23 1.15 Soil Sample E 188.16 188.03 0.13 Soil Sample F 188.66 187.50 1.16 Mean: 1.013333 Standard Deviation: 0.641318 Processed Data: I assume that the data is normally distributed and I shall now perform a T test. Null hypothesis: There is no significant difference between the two means. Alternate Hypothesis: There exists a significant difference between the amount of water compost can hold and the amount of water DAP holds. Step 1: The difference between the means of the two sets of data. ...read more.


In this case the null hypothesis is rejected In favor of alternate hypothesis. Discussion: There may have been water already present in Soil or compost. We could have done the experiment with just one type of soil from one location. Evaluation: It seems that DAP loses more water than Compost does. This could probably be because DAP is a chemical fertilizer which is artificially made. Its purpose is to help the plants grow faster and stronger, not hold water. Compost on the other hand is natural and almost as powerful as DAP. But the good part is that it holds water. Conclusion: It makes more sense to use Compost rather than DAP for the growth of plants and crop as it holds more water and loses less due to heat. ...read more.

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