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Investigating the relationship between diffusion and Size of the Cell

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Investigating the relationship between diffusion and Size of the Cell Aim: To confirm the relationship that diffusion of chemicals depends on the ratio of surface area: volume. Hypothesis: I believe that the rate of diffusion will decrease with the increase in the volume of the cell. Fair Test: - Two agar cubes were used for each of the two volumes so that more accurate results could have been obtained. - All agar cubes were of the same size, this was done by using a ruler when cutting the agar. - All jelly samples were taken from one whole jelly container so the cells will be similar and the depth would remain the same. - The temperature will remain the same for all beakers. Safe Test: - We will be using scalpel to cut the jelly therefore we made sure we handled them with care - We made sure we used the beakers appropriately, so that they did not brake and cause any damage. ...read more.


Make sure to add on the extra seconds accordingly for each test tube after taking down the results. 6) Keep observing each beaker and stirring them at the same time. 7) When the cubes have turned colourless notes down the time taken. 8) Add the extra seconds on accordingly and arrange a table for the results. Observation: Results table: Table Showing the Time Taken For Diffusion In the Different Size Of Agar cubes Cube Size (cm) Time Taken (sec) Average (sec) 1cm by 1cm i. 470 ii. 495 482.5 0.5cm by 0.5cm i. 236 ii. 244 240 Graph: Analysis & Conclusion: Looking at our graph we can see that as there were just two set of results obtained there were no anomaly and by looking at the graph we can see that our hypothesis was also proved correct because as the cube size increases the time taken for diffusion also increases. ...read more.


Another error found was that when cutting the agar pieces the length may have been slightly off, again this small error can change the whole results. The other error found was that when starting the stop watch it was never started at exactly the same time the acid was put into it, this could lead to small errors . Also when adding the acid after every five seconds most of the time the acid was not put in on exactly the right time, but again this is not such a big error that it can change the results. If I were to this experiment again I would use a cutting mechanism that cuts out equal part of the agar, and due to time restraints the results had to be obtained all at once, so by doing this experiment again I will make sure that I did each set of results at a time so that minimal error will be found. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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