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Pill Bug lab. Question- What type of environment attracts the most amounts of pill bugs?

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Dylane Jacobs Period 4 9/9/09 Pill Bug Vs Environment Lab Background Information- Pill Bugs are also known as wood lice. Pill Bugs are actually isopods and not bugs. They are dark brown or black and they have 7 legs. Pill Bugs mostly eat rotten vegetation such as vegetables. Pill bugs live in wet locations. They are found under damp objects or in organic garbage. If pill bugs enter a building, they will often dry out and die. There are 5 types of pill bugs, but are extremely similar. The pill bug has a tendency to roll up to protect them selves from harm; they were given the nickname "rollie pollies" because of this. They also are very active and love to try to escape. Question- What type of environment attracts the most amounts of pill bugs? Hypothesis- The pill bugs will be attracted to the soil more because it is closer in texture and make to their own natural habitat. Their natural habitat is under rocks, with soil and leaves. ...read more.


(bugs) Trial Soil Rock Wood Chips Moss N/A or Dead 1 4 2 3 4 2 2 3 3 2 2 5 3 6 2 2 1 4 4 4 4 1 3 3 5 5 3 2 3 2 (bugs) Type of Environment Average Rounded Error Soil 4.4 4 2 Rock 2.8 3 2 Wood Chips 2 2 3 Moss 2.6 3 2 N/A or Dead 3.2 3 2 Observations during the Experiment: One Pill bug died after trial one and was always counted as in the N/A section. Two bugs during the experiment curled up into balls and remained for two minutes. Most of the bugs tried to escape at least once. The protective barrier kept them in. Some of the bugs were different shapes and sizes; this could mean different genders or maybe different species. Example Calculations- * Averaging-adding all the numbers in a type of soil and dividing by how many there are. 4+3+6+4+5= 22. 22/5= 4.4 * Then the numbers were rounded to whole numbers 4.4= 4 Graph- Conclusion- The end result of the experimented yielded that one environment does not in fact attract more pill bugs than the other or at least not on a grand scale. ...read more.


That took a long to time to wrangle the bugs up after each trial. If the experiment were to be redone or perfected the experiment would need to account for the nature of the bugs. They are prone to escaping or rolling up. Pill bugs are also hard to wrangle up when needed. In between trials when it was time to collect them, it took time to fix that. A new and quicker system should be developed to collect the bugs. Also when doing the experiment when it comes time to record how many bugs are in which type of environment and block needs to be placed at the entrance of the environment so more accurate data can be collected. It will stop the bugs from leaving when you are trying to account for what environment they were in after two minutes. All of these improvements would benefit and help to fix the human error and the weaknesses of the experiment. In all the experiment was conducted to the best ability yielding the results that although the pill bugs went to the soil more often, it was such a small margin that it can be said that they were not attracted to one environment over another. ...read more.

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