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To investigate how the different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide influences the activity of catalase.

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Name: Nguyen Hong Hanh Class: 6X 1. Aim: To investigate how the different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide influences the activity of catalase. 2. Introduction -Enzymes are a special group of globular proteins that speed up the rate of reaction, remain unchanged and are not used up in the reaction. They are required by living organism to act as biological catalyst. -"Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a poisonous byproduct of metabolism that can damage cells if it is not removed"1. Catalase is an enzyme that presents in most all living tissues and cells. It "speeds up the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide to water (H2O) and oxygen gas (O2)"2 2H2O2 ------------> 2H2O + O2 -In this investigation, the catalase is found in the chicken liver. We will investigate how the different concentration affects the activity of catalase. The rate of breakdown of hydrogen peroxide by catalase is measured in term of time. Hypothesis The rate of breakdown of hydroxide peroxide by catalase would decrease as the concentration of hydrogen peroxide decreases. ...read more.


Procedure Please refer to worksheet titled "Investigating factors that influence the activity of catalase". Table 1: The procedure for serial dilution to prepare solution containing 6, 3, 1.5, 0.75, and 0.375 hydrogen peroxide respectively. Concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution to be prepared/ % Volume and concentration of stock solution used Volume of distilled water added/ cm3 Volume of solution prepared/ cm3 6 - - 20 3 Add 10cm3 of 6% H2O2 solution 10 20 1.5 Add 10cm3 of 3% H2O2 solution 10 20 0.75 Add 10cm3 of 1.5% H2O2 solution 10 20 0.375 Add 10cm3 of 0.75% H2O2 solution 10 20 5. Results Table 2: showing the time taken for the fluid in the manometer to rise by 5cm in different concentrations of H2O2 Concentration of H2O2 (%) Time taken for the fluid risen/ s (�0.1s) Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4 Sample 5 6 0.3 - - - - 3 0.6 - - - - 1.5 1.5 - - - - 0.75 102 - - - - 0.375 112 - - - - Graph 6. ...read more.


7. Conclusion As the concentration of H2O2 solution decreases, the rate of breakdown of hydrogen peroxide by catalase decreases. This agrees with the hypothesis proposed for the investigation 8. Evaluation Limitation/ weakness Evaluation of limitation/weakness Suggestion for improvement Temperature is not controlled Rate of breakdown of hydrogen peroxide may vary due to difference in temperature Place the boiling test tube in a water bath to control the temperature. Source of chicken livers used is unknown Chicken liver may come from different chicken. The amount of catalase may differ Use the chicken liver from the same chicken Instrument used in measuring time of reaction Limited precision of stopwatch (only 0.1s), smaller changes in time not be detected Use a stopwatch of greater precision (eg. Up to 0.001s) Number of reading for the experiment Only 1 reading is recorded. This will cause the results is not accurate, the mean and the standard deviation cannot calculate. Must record more than 5 readings to make the result more reliable, mean and standard deviation can calculate. pH is not controlled Rate of breakdown of hydrogen peroxide may vary due to difference in pH Should add buffer stock to the pH is constant for each solution 9. ...read more.

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