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Variation - testing a group of students for various attributes caused by genetic and environmental factors.

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TOPIC: VARIATION; Objective To investigate the variation of certain characteristics among students of class M04G Introduction Certain characteristic are varied and differed for each person. This might be caused by the genotypes independently, like the blood group, and also caused by both factors; genotypes and the environmental factors, such as skin colors and height. Some of the characteristic have clear different which can be determined in discrete value but some could only be measured as continuous data. In this experiment, a certain characteristics were observed on the students to determine the variation pattern. Research Question Which characteristics are determined by genetic factor, by environmental factor, and which are by both (genetic and environmental factor)? Hypothesis Type of blood groups, ability to roll tongue, presence of ear lobes, hair color, iris color, left or right handed, and hair colors are determined by genetic factor independently. ...read more.


in different characteristic Blood Group A B AB O Number of students 5 7 1 8 Table 2: The number of students in different blood group type Weight intervals (� 0.25 kg) Number of students Height intervals (� 0.05 cm) Number of students 40-44 1 145-149 1 45-49 6 150-154 4 50-54 5 155-159 5 55-59 5 160-164 6 60-64 4 165-169 2 65-69 - 170-174 2 70-74 - 175-179 1 Table 3: The weight and height of the students B. Data Analysis Discussion 1. Variation is differences that occurred in members of population. Variation causes differences in human population. 2. There are 2 forms of variations; continuous variation and discontinuous variation. 3. Continuous variation; variation involves a slight difference in characteristics with a broad range with many intermediate values. ...read more.


This due to students/ sample share the same culture and ethnic seems not showing a big difference in variation. Limitation and Suggestion 1. The sample used is not big enough to show appropriate variation in certain characteristics among the students. The small sample may cause same characteristics varied slightly among the sample. So, it is suggested to take a larger sample to give wider variation. So, the variation can be traced more easily and distinctly. 2. The apparatus and devise used in measuring the weight and height is not precise. The result may not accurate. It is suggested that device should be check and adjust properly. The device also should be in good condition to give appropriate results. Conclusion : Variation in human population controlled by genetic factors, environmental factors and interaction of this 2 factors. Students of M04G showed the variation among each other. Hypothesis is accepted ...read more.

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