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Water Essay

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Eric Chang August 16, 09 IB1 BIO SL Mrs. Sandercock Water Essay Water is the most abundant substance we have on earth and vital to all life forms. It is the very essence and the source of life thus no organisms can live without water. The unique arrangement of polar covalent bond in the atomic level of a water molecule causes the two ends of the molecules to have opposite charges. This allows water to demonstrates unique thermal, cohesive, and solvent properties that contributes to the necessity of water to life. Thermal properties Water possess thermal properties of high heat capacity and high heat of vaporization that are significant to life. ...read more.


Thus water evaporates slowly from ponds and lakes, where many aquatic life forms are dependent on a stable, warm living environment. Cohesive Properties Water molecules are highly cohesive because of the slightly positive and negative ends the polar covalent bonds creates. The positive ends of the molecules attract to the negative ends of another whenever they are close to each other. This generates surface tension and it is why boats can float on water. Cohesive property is crucial to life because when water freezes , the polar attraction of the water molecule lock into place and ice forms. For this reason, ice is less dense than liquid water so that ice floats instead of sinking. ...read more.


The solvent properties of water is important to life because water is an excellent medium to transport. As mentioned earlier, water carries dissolved nutrients and minerals from the soil up from the roots to the leaves of the plant. In addition, blood is primary composed of water and blood is the most common transport medium the regulates in our body by giving nutrients and taking out waste. Summary Statement Though how water provides all this unique properties are complex but there are no doubts that they are all meant for the benefits of all lives on earth. The fact that only water possess all these properties only emphasize the necessity and importance of water on earth. ...read more.

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