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Yves Engler explains in his article, Obesity: Much of the Responsibility Lies with Corporations, that corporations are little to absolutely no help with resolving the obesity epidemic that is running ramped in todays society.

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Reid Landers Mr. Milstead Eng.132.002 20 October 2011 Corporations Lack of Help with Obesity Disease and illness is an issue that will always be present in society as long as people walk the earth. Disease Cures and scientific research for cures is a main factor on what people rely on, but in the end there isn't a permanent solution to stop diseases it's just a dynamic part of life. Obesity is one of today's biggest health crises that Americans and people all around the world deal with on a day to day basis. Dealing with obesity the pharmaceutical industry is the ultimate factor that people put their faith in to expect a miracle weight-loss drug to save them (pg. 174). Some say the only way cut down obesity is the will power to stop making choices that put people in risk of being obese, but how could that be possible if food corporations encourage everyone to consume and eat their extremely unhealthy products. Yves Engler explains in his article, Obesity: Much of the Responsibility Lies with Corporations, that corporations are little to absolutely no help with resolving the obesity epidemic that is running ramped in today's society. ...read more.


Fast food corporations have not only advertised their unhealthy food for years, but overtime made it even unhealthier to consume. Compared with 20 years ago a U.S. hamburger serving size has increased by 112 percent, and the most increased product is the cookie which has gone up to 700 percent higher in serving size (pg 175). As of 1996 the promotion of extra sized or larger portions has been a quarter of the 97 billion dollars spent on fast food. Advertising is a key element on how these multibillion dollar corporations keep their costumers coming back for more. In 2001 it was recorded that Coca-Cola and Pepsi together spent 3 billion in advertising alone just to promote their "tasty" products (pg. 175). When it comes to advertising the main focused audience today is children. 40 percent of McDonald's advertising is focused on attracting the young people of society. Engler informs the reader that, "Of 10,000 children surveyed, 100 percent of U.S, 98 percent of Japanese, and 93 percent of UK children recognized Ronald McDonald, with many of these kids believing that Ronald McDonald knows what's best for their health." This kind of advertising is setting up complete failure for a healthy lifestyle in kids today. ...read more.


Restrictions need to be reevaluated and taken in to consideration on what kind of unhealthy drinks and snacks are available to the students inside the schools. Not only do the foods need to be healthier, but the education of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle need to be highly enforced so lifelong habits do not occur in the children's every day activities. Budget cuts have been going on forever throughout schools and sadly it's gotten to the point where the physical education departments are the ones who are being the most affected by the cuts now which is making the obesity rate sky rocket. If food and physical activities aren't implied in a positive and healthy manner throughout the school systems the government is simply cutting down the life expectancy of the youth in the world by setting them prone to chronic and death defying diseases that will take their lives. Simple tasks that are so easy to imply, but so commonly overlooked to improve the health of society as a whole is what is causing so many diseases to be more common in this world. The unwanted help of not only food corporations, but many other corporations including schools systems is what causes obesity rates to increase and flare up which is realistically shortening the lives of not only the youth in the world, but the world's population as a whole. ...read more.

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