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7p's of Tourism In Bangladesh

Extracts from this document...


´╗┐Chapter 1 Tourism Sector In Bangladesh 1.1 Introduction Tourism is often synonymous to traveling for pleasure and education. It is also a business of attracting tourists and providing for their accommodation and entertainment. In many countries, tourism is an industry for earning Inland Revenue and foreign exchange. The many businesses that grow concomitantly with development of tourism include airlines, shipping, hotels and restaurants, finance companies, tour operators, travel agents, car rental firms, caterers and retail establishments and together, they contribute significantly to the overall development of a country's economy and to its cultural diversification and assimilation. 1.2 Rationale of the study Bangladesh is trying to develop her tourism status to compete in local and global market. Tourism is one of the main root of developing the country?s economy and as well as skilled professional human resource. Governmental and non-Governmental institutes can keep such a vital role by giving emphasis on tourism marketing. Bangladesh needs to develop its human resources for improving tourism marketing in local tourists as well as foreign tourist. In Bangladesh, tourism has lot of potentiality to earn more revenue than presently what they are earning. Govt. and Non-government organization come forward and take the responsibility for developing tourism industry, they are now trying to provide superior service in all criteria?s. This study will add some value and will give a projection of 7p?s of tourism marketing in Bangladesh. 1.3 Objectives of the study In the light of development of tourism industry in Bangladesh particularly, the main objectives of the study are- 1. To find out the present status of tourism industry in Bangladesh. 2. To explore the potential tourist spot and tourism agencies in Bangladesh. 3. To give a projection of 7p?s of tourism marketing of ?Parjatan Corporation Bangladesh?. 4. To give some recommendation for the development of tourist industry in Bangladesh. 1.4 Scope and Methodologies of the study The study covered various Government and non-government agencies who are acting vital role in developing tourism industry Situated mainly capital Dhaka and commercial capital city Chittagong in Bangladesh. ...read more.


The 25 rivers of Bangladesh can easily be turned into haunts for water sports and adventure, entwining entertainment with the beauty of the rivers. ï·ï In Bangladesh there are different appealing spots for the eco-tourists, who travel to different destinations in a sustainable manner. ï·ï The country possesses some unique archaeological sites, cultural heritage and eco- tourism products like the world’s largest mangrove forest, the Sundarbans, the world’s longest unbroken sea beach in Cox’s Bazar (120 km), the oldest archaeological site in the Southern Himalayas-Paharpur and world’s largest terracotta temple - Kantaji Temple in Dinajpur, and spectacular monuments and mausoleums of language movement and liberation war of the country. ï·ï There are many tribal groups in different areas of Bangladesh. Each has its own culture, social structure and lifestyle. Not many parts of the world boast such diversity. The nation has also been bestowed with archaeological sites and religious sanctuaries of old which have significant historical value that can attract tourist en masse. The key strategy would be to convey to potential tourists that there is much more to experience in Bangladesh. ï·ï People of Bangladesh are generally very hospitable and tourist friendly. ï·ï Awareness about tourist attractions among the local community is increasing. ï·ï Communication and transport system has been developed from north to south, east to west. Weaknesses Tourism- the globally recognized tool for poverty alleviation is yet to be recognized by the policy makers of Bangladesh one of the poorest countries with significant tourism potentials. While most of the countries all over the world are making all out efforts to develop tourism and boost foreign currency revenue, Bangladesh remained stuck in non- action. So, Bangladesh has remained one of the most backward countries in the world in tourism sector. ï·ï The country often suffers from image crisis. The country continues to remain as an unknown destination to the tourist generating countries. ...read more.


For a consumer may manage their accommodation, transportation, guide etc. Their hospitality management is good in terms of other service provider. Their process or action plan given below: 3.2.7 PHYSlCAL EVlDENCE The tourist attraction, which is an expensive for the customer must be tangibilized with the help of tangible items like, comfortable seats while traveling, layout, and design of the resort, natural service, etc. the sign posts that indicate directions, route maps, information regarding rules and regulations of the tourist spot and the sign regarding the public utilities like toilets, telephone booth also form a part of the physical evidence. Printed matters such as brochures also play an important role in the development of tourism. As the product, in tourism is intangible. Parjatan Bangladesh operates so many hotels and motels around the country. Such as: COX'S BAZAR Parjatan Holiday Complex Ph: 0341/64246, 0341/63274-5, 0341/64258, 64202, 0341/64703. RANGAMATI Parjatan Holiday Complex Ph: 0351/63126. BOGRA Parjatan Motel Ph: 051/66753 RAJSHAHI Parjatan Motel Ph: 0721/775492, 775237,770247 RANGPUR Parjatan Motel Ph: 0521/62196, 62894 SYLHET Parjatan Motel Ph: 0821/712426, 715253 DINAJPUR Parjatan Motel Ph: 0531/64718 KUAKATA Parjatan Holiday Homes Ph: 0441/ 64433 TEKNAF ParjatanHotelNetaung E-Mail:[email protected] Cell: 880-1199-164751 TUNGI PARA Parjatan Motel Ph: 0668/59149 Conclusion It is evident from the above discussion that tourism worldwide including in the Bangladesh is an expanding sector. It is already a significant source of foreign exchange earnings and employment generation in our country. Bangladesh has potentials to harness, individually and collectively, for development of tourism sector. As a service industry; tourism is booming in a highly positive ratio. The travel industry in Bangladesh is increasing at an average rate of 10-12% per year. Superior and highly coordinative implementation and practice of 7p?s will ensure the success with expected profitability. Under the observation it can be conclude that, the tourism industry are growing and became a major player of economy. Our country has potentials to capture a high portion of the market. For these the govt. and non govt. organization must have to perform in a very accurate way. Emphasizing on implementation of 7p?s can be useful achieve the target. ...read more.

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